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  splinternet 12:27 11 Mar 2006

Although I've used the internet for many years, I'm finally taking what to me looks like a big leap into the unknown and creating my own web site. I've bought a domain name, and a book (Haynes) on building a website, but flicking through it, it doesn't seem to cover how I actually get my web site onto the internet (e.g. will the place where I bought the domain name automatically be my hoster? If not, do I simply choose a hoster and tell him the domain name? what do I need to look for in a hoster? would my current ISP (BT b/band) be my hoster? etc... ) (told you I was a beginner at this!). Also, I want to include useful links to other websites where goods could be bought, do I need their permission first, and would I get some sort of intoduction commission? I'm perfectly happy to gen up myself on all of this, but where do I look?

  mco 13:59 11 Mar 2006

Where did you get your domain name from? You can buy them from some hosting companies which will also host your site, but if you bought it separately, not a problem, just find a webhost and then use that name. There are lots of recommended ones if you do a search here. I know hearthinternet is a favourite here; I use webmania who are cheap and give good customer support. YOu can get free webspace from internet providers but I don't think bt broadband (at least not the basic package I have) do that. Plus, you wouldn't be able to use your dot com name with their free hosting. My advice: have a look at your book - get some free webbuilding programs (do a search on this forum for the better ones) - make a start on your site and then think about the best people to host it. If you've got the domain name you specifically wanted, that's safe for the meantime.

  mco 14:00 11 Mar 2006

that's click here
and also:click here

  spuds 21:27 12 Mar 2006

splinternet-- You appear to want to run before you can walk, slow down a little. Getting an Haynes book or a domain name is not the answer to your question in a simple manner.

Your domain name provider may have a web building facility, which you could perhaps try out. For instance 1&1 provide this, plus many packages that should suit most needs, from a simple individual website to one for a more commercial enterprise. Have a look click here and see what I mean. Hosting your website, should come with the domain name, if you have chosen wisely, and used one of the many well recommended companies.

Getting into the heavy side of web design, takes plenty of time and certain skills, and again the Haynes book is going to be of limited use.

Here's a free programme that you can download, Serif WebPlus 6.0 from click here and play around with. It should give you an idea as to what web design is all about, in the earlier stages.

If you like the feel of web design, and you want to progress further, then do a Google search for Web Design tutorials, there's plenty out there, and most links provide a free response.

Have you checked with your ISP, they may also provide webspace for your website.Quite a number of ISP's provide this facility on a free basis, under the community title.

Hope the above as given you some information, and good luck with your quest.

  splinternet 22:50 12 Mar 2006

mco and spuds - thanks for your replies, plenty for me to think about. I registered the domain name with kwikreg. They offer 4 hosting plans: Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta. They are all chargeable, and are all described as "shared Linux hosting packages" which, what? The contents of each plan are listed, I hope my research will allow me to understand what they are and whether I need them. Had a quick look at 1&1 and will research it further. Any thoughts on the specific question I asked about quoting links to other websites? Do I need their permission, for example?

  Forum Editor 23:35 12 Mar 2006

from anyone to place a link to another site on your site, but..........

It can pay dividends to ask about a reciprocal arrangement whereby you and another site owner/administrator link to each other's sites. In that way you both benefit from the other site's traffic. If you do this, try to choose sites that compliment yours, it's rather pointless linking to something totally divorced from your site's theme.

Don't ever, under any circumstances, link to any page other than the other site's homepage, unless you have the consent of the other party. It's considered to be very bad etiquette, as you could be depriving the other site's owner of useful traffic and business.

Some big online retailers - Amazon is a classic example - will pay you for orders placed as a direct result of traffic from your site. These companies have special pages where everything is explained, and you have to sign up to what they call an affiliate scheme. You place a special ad on your site, which contains code identifying you. When anyone clicks through to the company from your link (and buys something as a result) a small (and I do mean small) payment is credited to your account. Don't get excited about these schemes, you have to generate a lot of orders before you earn anything like a respectable amount.

  spuds 23:39 12 Mar 2006

I am not too sure what you mean about "quoting links to other websites?". Are you suggesting search engines or perhaps affiliate type programmes. Or is it that you are seeking links similar to and 1& perhaps further training links!.

If you are seeking something like a logo on your website, which say for instance 'PCA Advisor'. Then usually it is a simple task to contact the people in charge, who may give permission with certain conditions. They would also provide the logo facility, plus in some cases a payment to you for the 'hits' from your website, possibly by an affiliate arrangement. Companies like Amazon participate in this type of mutual venture. But this idea as its drawbacks, and it is not a get rich overnight scheme.

  splinternet 23:57 12 Mar 2006

I'm creating a sporting-themed website specifically to provide useful location information for the average fan. e.g. if they were looking for accommodation, I could provide a link to specific local hotels or to online guides. Same for good pubs, restaurants, etc.... I had also thought about the Amazon link. The info you're providing me is very valuable (and valued), but I thought it might be covered in a general sense in books about building websites .... perhaps in a chapter on commercial and legal aspects, after all the technical stuff.

  splinternet 13:40 14 Mar 2006

John - thanks for your response, I appreciate your taking the trouble explaining what is probably elementary stuff for most people. The good news is that Netsecrets (who own the Kwikreg brand) don't have any restrictions on who I use for hosting services. At the moment, I have no idea what hosting facilities I'd be looking for, I'm just in the very early stages of planning the site.

I'd just like to expand on something Forum Editor mentioned about quoting other web sites, specifically it being bad form to link to anything other than the other person's home page. What I have in mind, as an example, is where a decent pub is listed in an online guide, I'd like to link directly to the specific entry for that pub, rather than have the enquirer have to navigate his/her way through the target web site, entering selections into search criteria ... it may only be a matter of a few pages but if you're in a rush and your on a slow dial-up line, it can be a time-saver.

  splinternet 17:48 14 Mar 2006

John - thanks for your further reply. Interesting last point (" it already available?"). My feeling, though not with the benefit of yards of in-depth research, is "no". (It's not football, by the way) The official club sites I've looked at don't really offer enough info. I'm not planning to make any money from this, it's more of a reasonably-serious hobby that will introduce me to creating websites, which may prove useful later when I do want to do something commercial.

  splinternet 18:32 14 Mar 2006

Thanks - I will.

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