Beeps at startup

  ventanas 08:54 07 Jul 2004

I've posted this before and thought I had sorted it, but was wrong. Machine gives two beeps at start up, one high and one low, and will not proceed. I have found that if I leave it like this for half an hour, switch it off and try again it works. Bios is Award. I have a list of the beep codes for this, but does not mention this sequence.

Please does anyone have any ideas.

  georgemac 09:18 07 Jul 2004

click here no answer but these show the award codes - maybe worth a look at the forums?

Assume you have been inside and checked everything is firmly secured?

have you run a memory test utility to check you ram?

what type of motherboard?

  ventanas 09:28 07 Jul 2004

Thanks, I'm going to open it up this afternoon to check connections. It won't be free till then.

I suspected memory before, swapped for two new dimms. No luck.

Motherboard is a Gigabyte, That's all I know for now.

Will keep trying.

  Gongoozler 10:34 07 Jul 2004

Hi ventanas. I don't think you will find the code for these beeps anywhere. "I have found that if I leave it like this for half an hour, switch it off and try again it works". In that half an hour, all that can be happening is that a component is warming up, or otherwise changing its electrical characteristics. This is a fault condition. Try stripping the motherboard down to the minimum for a boot-up. That is, motherboard, power supply, processor with heatsink, memory, graphics card, power switch, case speaker. If it boots up properly then, and complains about no operating system, then you can start adding the removed components until the fault returns. If it doesn't boot up, remove first the memory (and try again), then the graphics card - and try again. Removing memory and/or graphics card should cause an error beep. If you still don't get normal POST beeps, you have a faulty motherboard, processor or power supply.

  ventanas 10:45 07 Jul 2004

Hi Gongoozler. Thanks very much, when I can find time I will go through the motions.

Damn things going out the window soon.

Will post back if I sort anything.

Thanks again.

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