beeping sound & pc wont switch on

  joholland84 15:55 02 Aug 2008

Hi there

I hope someone can help.

My dads PC has suddenly died, he switched it off the previous night. When it came to switching it back on the next morning the PC makes a beeping sound and nothing else happens. I've removed all CDs left in the drives and I also turned the monitor off to find where the beeping was coming from, it definately seems to be coming from the tower. The lights on the tower come on but nothing happens. The only way to then switch it off is to hold in the power button until it turns off.

The first time I tried to switch it on it made short beep sounds, the second time I tried it made no sound at all and then I tried later in the day and it now just keeps repeating the same long beep eg... long beep, pause long beep, pause long beep... Does anyone know if this is a dead PC? I'd say it is about 3/4 years old. It's a Packard Bell ixtreme with pentium 4 and windows xp home.

If it is dead is there anyway of getting info off? It's his business PC and altho most stuff is backed up he had forgotten to back up this weeks work!!! A few photos on their i'd like to get off too.

Hopefully someone will be able.



  day2strike 15:59 02 Aug 2008

How many beeps does it do?
As this can narrow down the problem you have & make it easier to help you quicker.

  Jak_1 16:01 02 Aug 2008

That is the bios telling you something is wrong. You really need to know what bios the pc uses but this may give you some idea what is wrong:

click here

  joholland84 16:08 02 Aug 2008

Thanks for the resposes, it just keeps beeping long beeps. There are no breaks in the beeps and no other pattern

  joholland84 16:21 02 Aug 2008

Incase this helps the beep lasts for about 4/5 seconds each time and in between every beep there is about a 2/3 second pause

  Jak_1 16:26 02 Aug 2008

Continuous beep: Power supply, system board, or keyboard problem.
Try a diff keyboard first if still the same then the next cheapest option is to try a diff psu (Power Supply Unit). If those do not solve the problem then it looks like a damaged motherboard and would need to be replaced possibly needing a new cpu and memory too.

  joholland84 16:28 02 Aug 2008

Just to add a bit of confusion. The PC is still not responding however it doesn't beep at all now!!! I will try the different keyboard idea quickly. Thanks for your help, I will let u know if it works!

  Pamy 16:33 02 Aug 2008

Remove all cards and memory, then replace (to make conntact again)try re-boot

  joholland84 16:36 02 Aug 2008

I wont try and remove all the cards and memory as I dont have a clue what im doing and will probably mess it up completely lol but thanks very much for your help Pamy :)

I have just tried trying a different keyboard and that didn't help unfortunately. It seems to have decided to stick with no beeps at all at the moment

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:56 02 Aug 2008

What do you mean by stick?
has it started to boot into windows and then frozen?

  joholland84 17:01 02 Aug 2008

sorry, i prob didnt explain properly. It was beeping but now when I turn it on there is still absolutly nothing happening (a black screen, nothing appears at all) but it no longer beeps now whereas is did beep as written above.

As far as I am aware there has been no error message or problem at all, it just wont do anything when you press the on button.

Thanks again for all of your suggestions

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