beeping pc

  sandpiper1 17:09 03 Oct 2006

When i boot up my pc, i see on the screen "WinFast press TAB to show post screen and DELETE to enter setup".
However i have tried doing as it says but nothing happens,it refuses to move from that view.I reboot again then i hear continuous beeps Has anyone got any ideas i could try....thanks

  missingit 19:27 03 Oct 2006

how many beeps and whether they are long or short or mixture.

  harry1888 20:27 03 Oct 2006

Keyboard connected/in correct socket?

  STREETWORK 06:37 04 Oct 2006
  sandpiper1 10:38 04 Oct 2006

missingit...i get continuous long beeps,
harry1888...keyboard is connected in correct socket,
thanks for replying...hope you have some more ideas lol

  Rossi#1 11:04 04 Oct 2006

What make of BIOS do you have?

  wee eddie 11:42 04 Oct 2006

Can you borrow one to see if another works?

  it_girl 09:32 05 Oct 2006

Are you confident enough to open the pc up?What is required is re-setting the CMOS jumpers on the board.By doing this it will reset the Bios back to default (basic) settings.
How old is the pc and what is it?See if the messages change on the screen when you run it without the keyboard.

  Technotiger 12:51 05 Oct 2006

Hi, continuous beeps often suggest a Memory or Video (Graphics Card) problem. It could be something as simple as dust around Memory Stick inside case, or a loose Mem Stick or Graphics card, or both! I would suggest you open case - blow out dust, remove and re-fit Mem Stick(s) and Graphics Card, making sure of good fit. Caution: Don't touch metal contacts of Stick/Card and Earth yourself FIRST by touching Metal part of Case.


  it_girl 13:13 05 Oct 2006

Technotiger yes like you ,I initially thought of graphics card but then I read that he getting a display.
I've just thought is the cpu overheating?

  it_girl 13:19 05 Oct 2006

Or if it is a fan cooled graphics card is it overheating?I am always puzzled why poster do not give ALL the spec. details of their pc's.

oK most don't like looking insde them .

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