beeping continuously even when switched off

  Teasle 08:42 23 Aug 2006

For the last couple of weeks my pc has developed a random beep. Sometimes once every hour or less, sometimes once every 5 minutes but during the last couple of days it has started on occassion to bep continuously. This morning I woke to hear my pc beeping at me although it was switched off but on at the plug.
I unplugged it waited a bit and then switched back on. It beeped madly for a few minutes but is now back to a random beep every 5 minutes or so.
I get the normal beep when booting up (except this morning). My processor is an Athlon 1700 and I have 256 plus 512 RAM (512 which I installed co-incidently about the same time). I tried with out this additional memory but the occassional beeping didn't change.
thank you for reading.
Any ideas anyone.

  wee eddie 08:51 23 Aug 2006

However the memory sticks.

Are you certain about the 512MB Stick.

Does it match the Original Stick for (obviously it's a capacity) type and speed?

Have you put it in the 1st or 2nd slot?

Are you sure that it's fully pushed fully in?

  wee eddie 08:52 23 Aug 2006

(obviously it's a "different" capacity)

  Teasle 09:00 23 Aug 2006

The additional memory I put in should be the right type. I have the original booklet that came with the pc and it gives details of the memory chips. I also confirmed this with the online supplier before I ordered it.

As for putting it in 1st or 2nd slot.....ermmmmm I'm not sure. It went in the 'outer' slot if that makes sense. Does this matter?

I have taken it out and put it in again, just in case it wasn't fitted properly in the first place.

Thanks for your response (it's gone quiet at the moment :) )

  Teasle 09:02 23 Aug 2006

Sorry I wrote my last response before reading yours.

Really? I will get in touch with the company I ordered the memory from.

  wee eddie 09:14 23 Aug 2006

Boot with just the 512MB stick and see what happens.

If all is OK, add the 256MB stick to the second slot, reboot and check how much RAM your system is showing.

  vinnyT 14:46 23 Aug 2006

It may not have anything to do with the memory (of corse you could check this by removing the chip you put in, if the beeps stop, it's the memory chip, etc.)

It could be that the mobo battery is running down, and that the mobo is prog'ed to beep at decreasing intervals until you replace it.

  DieSse 15:29 23 Aug 2006

Could well be a PSU problem - voltages out of spec can cause beeps that seem unrelated to anything else.

As you probably know, switched off from the front is only a kind of "standby", with the PSU still outputting some voltages.

  Teasle 17:16 23 Aug 2006

Thank you so much to all of you for taking the time to respond.
I have discovered what was causing the beeping and I am embarassed to say it was nothing to do with the pc but the surge protector behind it.
I am admitting this so that if anyone has the same problem they can check the obvious first before wasting peoples' time.

***climbs back under her rock**

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:31 23 Aug 2006

Don't be embarrassed I've never heard of a surge protector beeping and would have been confused myself.

We all learn from our mistakes.

  woodchip 17:34 23 Aug 2006

Check CPU Temperature in BIOS it may be set to Alarm.
If it's a old comp it may be ready for a good clean of the internals

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