beep beep beep pc beeps

  LivEviL 20:12 19 Nov 2008

hey my pc has developed an anoying beep well 8 of them in total when i turn it on, the screen is blank , if i take out the graphics card and plug it into the mobo it works fine which led me to think it was the graphics card so i changed it for a new one, but same thing happens, any ideas ppl?

everest tells me my mobo is elitegroup p4m900t-m rev 1.0 American Megatrends Inc. iv disconnected all other pci cards and 2gb ram the graphics card is XFX geforce 8500GT

  bazt 20:19 19 Nov 2008

It could be that your Pc is overheating.
If it has been with you for a while then dust gets stuck in the heat sink of the procesor and on its fan this makes the fan go slow and that causes the overheating.
Ifyou know a little about Pc then switch off the PC at the mains take off the side pannel of the tower and look on the mother board for a small fan, you could put a vacuumm close to the fan and this may take out the dust, if not you will need to take off the fan to clean the heat sink

  LivEviL 20:43 19 Nov 2008

iv already had a clean out used compressed air and alcohol to clean but thanks for the help tho any other ideas?

  chub_tor 20:50 19 Nov 2008

8 beeps is definitely a graphics error. Looking at your motheboard spec you have on board graphics. But it seems you have added an external graphics card too. You should go into the BIOS and make sure that the on board graphics is disabled and check that you have the monitor connected to the right graphics oulet.

I am still a little confused about your statement "which led me to think it was the graphics card so I changed it for a new one" did you already have a separate graphics card that you took out to be replaced by the GeForce 8500GT? What card was it and have you tried the onboard graphics?

  skidzy 20:53 19 Nov 2008

8 beeps certainly does indicate a graphics issue.

Check and double check the pcie slot is not damaged or any foreign bodies around.

Also check your power source,do you have a spare psu you could try !

  skidzy 20:54 19 Nov 2008

sorry mate did not mean to cross post you,just got called away from the pc.

  LivEviL 21:12 19 Nov 2008

I started of with a 8500gt then i brought another when i thought the graphics card was faulty so i changed it, iv checked all inside the pci express slot and cleaned it out so maybe its the pci express slot solder on the board....

  GaT7 21:28 19 Nov 2008

"...if i take out the graphics card and plug it into the mobo it works fine..." - And I guess when you switch off your PC, then power it on the next time you need to use it, you get the beeps again?

Are you pushing the graphics card fully into the slot & engaging the retaining clip (latter if present)? When screwing in the bracket, does the graphics card remain in the same position throughout? Sometimes this, &/or the weight of the monitor cable/adaptor can make it 'lift-off' its fully slotted position.

Intermittent problems are the most difficult to fix. If it continues, the only way around this may be to try:
1. The onboard graphics on its own (may need to manually enable it in the BIOS for a start, then install its drivers), or
2. Get a PCI graphics card, or
3. A replacement motherboard.


  LivEviL 21:30 19 Nov 2008

thanks ill check that the card isnt lifting or moving when being placed in

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