Beaware pc world is a rip off

  pj1664 17:59 21 Mar 2009

My wife went into pc world a bought a ink cartdridge for hp 3310 and paid £12.99 for one ink cartdridge. I took it straight back with a price promise from tesco for £6.82. Pc world had to honour their pricing policy and refunded me £6.17. It goes to show never shop at pc world unless you are stinking rich and dont mind getting ripped off and this is not the first time they have done this. How can they justify a small ink cartdrige that holds only a few ml of ink for £12.99.

  recap 18:01 21 Mar 2009

I think pj1664 you may need to read the forum rules.

  Clapton is God 18:12 21 Mar 2009

As recap says, you need to read the Forum rules about exhorting others not to use a particular company.

Presumably, because you've posted in the Helproom, you need help in finding those rules.

Therefore click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:42 21 Mar 2009

I assume that your wife was kidnapped, forced into PCW and then had the money stolen from her to buy this item.

'this is not the first time they have done this' should have learned from the previous buys...a fool and his money......


  mrsureshot 18:48 21 Mar 2009

Well, it is shaky ground but he isn't at least advocating a boycott of PC World. maybe if it was better worded but I think the point is still a sound one.

I recently went into PC world for a quick purchase, I needed a longer IDE cable. I can buy the same cable online for over half the price. Incidentally PC world advertise the same cable for 98p yet it was nowhere near that instore.

I do always leave PC world having not enjoyed the experience, but its handy for minor items.

as for ink cartridges, I buy direct from the likes of Epson, normally a good saving to be made on a item that is itself always overpriced everywhere, but then the printers are so cheap.

  rdave13 18:55 21 Mar 2009

Thing is with PC World you know the item will be more expensive as it's available off the shelf. If you're in a hurry then it's woth it, if not buy online.

  laurie53 19:28 21 Mar 2009

Since they honoured their price promise I don't see what the problem is.

Like any other shop, if you don't like the prices, shop somewhere else.

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