Jomi 14:18 29 May 2003

After reading the postings here about Kazaa, the viruses and the illegal content, I removed it from my pc (much to the disgust of my kids).
They have now downloaded a similar programme called Bearshare. Is this ok? or much the same as Kazaa? Any info would be welcome.


  Belatucadrus 14:33 29 May 2003

P2P file sharing programs are all much the same, garbage in garbage out. The hosts all swear blind that they are not responsible for the content, be it infected or illegal. I wouldn't touch it, but while it's on your system be sure to update your anti virus every day.

  MartinT-B 14:36 29 May 2003

click here

Then click here

then click here

There are some security issues

  Terrahawk 14:42 29 May 2003

to be honest for the health of your pc i would ditch p2p they are often laden with spyware the number of viruses on the networks are increasing
as for the illegal content its pretty much the same its quite legal to use p2p the question of legality arises when downloading copyright material wether it be software music etc

  Jomi 15:03 29 May 2003

All for the advice.
MartinT-B, I checked out the sites you suggested and when I got back off the toilet I ran Spysweeper, sure enough BearShare had installed two spy programs on my pc.

Thanks again.

  expertec 15:23 29 May 2003

Does BearShare work with the spyware removed?

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