BCC- How do I keep email addresses private?

  Dr Wolf 11:04 12 Jul 2006

Hi all, new to forum.

I have a question regarding the BCC feature when sending e-mail in either Outlook or Outlook Express. For the record I am using XP-Pro and the most recent Office Pack but I have known of this 'problem' for some time and first noticed it when using earlier versions of the software.

Basically, when I send an e-mail newsletter to some of my customers I would like to keep the addresses private so I put my own address in the 'To' box and enter the other addresses in the 'BCC' area. In theory this should mean that nobody sees who else got a copy of the mail, right? wrong.

If one of the receivers were to open the mail I have sent them, click 'file', 'properties' & 'details', all the names I originally entered into the BBC section are listed, (X-Deliver-To:).

If someone is willing to 'dig' a little they can obtain my full customer list, a list I thought I was keeping private by entering their addresses in the BBC section.

Does anyone know how get around this?

Any advice would be very much appreciated.

  johnnyrocker 11:18 12 Jul 2006

i would have thought that the arriving mail would not have the bcc (not bbc) box showing so therefore one may not even think of searching to see if any others received it, alternatively it maybe that as the originator of the mail the facility is available to you only?


  €dstowe 11:27 12 Jul 2006

The mere sending of anything over the Internet negates any possibility of it being private unless you use extremely complex encryption techniques.

Anything I require to keep genuinely private (legal documents, business papers, original artwork etc.) I hand deliver or use a security courier. I wouldn't think of using email or any other computer based method.

  Dr Wolf 11:38 12 Jul 2006

You are right in that the receiver will see no addresses in the body of the mail but as I mentioned, if a person is willing to dig a little, basically 3 clicks, they can view all the entrants in the BCC section and know who else received the mail. Most won't bother but the fact that you can makes the idea of 'BCC' redundant.

At first I thought it was, as you said, just myself who could see the list because I was the original sender but then I received a complaint from a customer who did not want others in our industry to know that he purchases from my company, therefore I know that others can view, I have since stopped sending newsletter's.

  SANTOS7 11:40 12 Jul 2006

click here
this may help,good luck......

  johnnyrocker 11:40 12 Jul 2006

ok points taken, might it be that the person who complained was the victim of their IT guys playing around?


  Dr Wolf 11:50 12 Jul 2006

Im not sure what you mean by that.
In addition, I have run a few small tests. I have sent a mail to a select list of trusted addresses, addresses that were all entered into the BCC section. I then called them and asked them to 'click file, properties etc.' and read all the addresses back to me. All were able to read all the addresses previously entered into the BCC section.

Look for yourself next time an 'Invite' or 'joke' goes around the office and all the addresses were originally entered into the BCC area.

  webber_man 12:10 12 Jul 2006

Maybe you have a virus or some kind of spyware on your system? I don't know kf anything that would cause this but what you are saying sounds odd.

The only time you should be able to see the BCC recipients is if you are the sender and you then open the email sent and go to file > properties > details - none of the recipients SHOULD see this info ordinarily.

I have just run a small (double!) check this morning between myself and some friends and they cannot see anyone else's email details.

  bellababy 12:15 12 Jul 2006


  Taff™ 12:20 12 Jul 2006

I`ve just tried this myself and I can`t replicate the problem either. I`m using Office XP 2002 and Outlook. I don`t even have the details tab option.

Anyway the answer is quite simple really. Send your Newsletters out individually by using Word`s Mailmerge features and send them to e-mail rather than a new document. Everyone gets an individual e-mail. There are no copies of any sort. Drop me a PM if you don`t know how to do this or click here for another thread I`ve reponded to.

  BigMoFoT 13:22 12 Jul 2006

Outlook 2003 and XP Pro and if I use the BCC field I cannot see any other intended recipients...

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