misery 19:29 06 Jan 2003
  misery 19:29 06 Jan 2003

Hi guys,

  « Ravin » 19:32 06 Jan 2003


  misery 19:33 06 Jan 2003

sorry about that, got carried away! If I send a blind copy of an e-mail where is that info stored? I can only find the original recipient in the 'sent' box. Any ideas or, is it not possible to save the bcc? thanx.

  Peter E 20:14 06 Jan 2003

How can I check all recipients of an e-mail I have "sent"...in Outlook Express do this

Find the e-mail copy in sent items, select it and then select properties. This gives you the information about the e-mail. (I suppose it must be similar in other e-mail clients).

However, if you mean can I see who received a Bcc of an e-mail I "received", then I don't think you can. Otherwise it rather defeats the object of Bcc. (I understand that in some e-mail clients it is possible to see who has received a Bcc of an e-mail I have received - don't know whether this is correct or not).


  DieSse 21:13 06 Jan 2003

When you double-click the header in the sent box to open the email in the normal way - It comes up with Bcc, as well as To and cc


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