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  Pesala 21:19 29 Mar 2003

I just discovered that one can bookmark the BBC News so that it loads in RealOne Player without even going to the news page. Just copy my link address (right-click on click here) and add it to your bookmarks or favourites folder.

I think it will continue to work after today.

  Pesala 18:05 31 Mar 2003

The link doesn't change, but opens a blank page. Just one less step to get the latest news.

  spikeychris 18:28 31 Mar 2003

Pesala I have this ruining on some machines I work with click here it auto-updates and can sit on top or bottom of screen. You have the option of what information you want ie: news, sport, finance.


  Pesala 18:56 31 Mar 2003

I tried the program, which will appeal to some, but it does the opposite to my idea. It adds another layer of complexity, instead of removing ne.

I used to have a bookmark to the BBC Home Page, then I wised up, and made a bookmark to take me straight to the News Page. Finally, I realised I could bookmark the News Link itself, which loads the most recent available News Program directly in RealOne Player.

With the ticker tape running one can keep one eye on what is happening while working, then click on a news item that catches one's interest. However, that only takes one to the relevant news page at the BBC. One would have to click again on the video link to watch the news, if there is one.

  Blix 19:31 31 Mar 2003

Not sure if this is on topic, but for those who want to watch different tv stations, including BBC News 24, MSNBC, Al Jazeera, etc try this...For north america click here for everywhere else click here enjoy. I find the BBC so much more unbaised than CNN.

  graham 19:52 31 Mar 2003

Thanks, nice toy!

  crx16 01:52 05 Apr 2003

Pesala, i have bookmarked your link, but at 34kpbs quality was a bit poor.

try here click here its the same link as yours but at 256kbps.(updated 3 times a day)currently showing 10 o'clock news.

or click here for BBCnews24 live at 128kbps

  Foolsbane_1 10:23 05 Apr 2003

C:\Program Files\WorldTV\WorldTV.html

  Foolsbane_1 10:25 05 Apr 2003

For those who would rather use their own computer ...

click here

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