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  Yimbo 23:44 30 Jun 2009

Just recently, I've been having difficulty streaming programs. The program will start, then after a few seconds, stop, and the little circle appears, then a further second or so, and the whole process goes on and on like this, in fits and starts!
The message from BBC iplayer is "Insufficient bandwidth to stream this program ...." It's the same issue with YouTube and similar. What's the problem? Where has my previously sufficient bandwidth gone? How do I increase this once again to a workable size?
My system is both modern (6 months old) and powerful too! Any help would be appreciated!

  lotvic 00:09 01 Jul 2009

Try the remedies on click here another forum but same problem.

  OTT_Buzzard 00:35 01 Jul 2009

Try lotvic's link. There is a faur amount of valid discussion going on.

In the mean time, if it plays for a couple fo seconds then pauses for a couple of seconds, then plays again (repeat to fade!) a short term fix is the start playing the file, pause it for a couple of minutes then resume playing it.
While the file is paused it will continue downloading and you will build up a buffer.

  UK Sub 03:29 01 Jul 2009

This will only happen if you are streaming.

If you want to watch it without streaming click here

as it says . 'Downloading allows you to enjoy your favourite BBC programmes without being connected to the Internet'.

  bobbybowls 03:53 01 Jul 2009

do as uk sub says. i have the same problem with bbc & ch4. it must be a bandwidth problem with their servers as i stream bowling from the pba website at any time of the day with no problem.

  Yimbo 10:55 01 Jul 2009

Thanks for the help - - I'll follow it up, though your link, UKSub, got "I E cannot display the web page"

What I don't understand is why streaming worked fine a couple of weeks ago, but not now! Have I done something to setings or whatever???

  Whiteadder310556 11:40 01 Jul 2009

I think it's mostly to do with the "traffic" on the line and your connection. I have a dongle and at times get the same problem but at other times no problem!

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