BBC iPlayer live radio not working

  Esc4p3 10:07 17 Jul 2008

I can view 'catch up' TV and radio content no problem online (I don't download it) but for some reason if I choose to listen live to radio 1 or 2 then neither will stream. I have been to the help pages and tried a few things such as updating Java and Flash and ticking what I believe are the correct things in internet settings...the one thing I don't have is real player...

Please can you help, I use MS Vista. Thanks in advance.

  micky d 10:26 17 Jul 2008

It could be because you haven't got real player,Esc4p3.

Don't quote me on that though.

I'm listening to radio 1 right now & have real player.

I think they have changed to options recently.
Before, when you clicked on 'listen live' you were presented with the options to listen via WMP or Real Player.

Now it seems to do it automatically.

On this link,in the hot topic section, it poses the question 'how do i download real player?'. Going by that i assume that you need to install real player. click here

  howard64 14:46 17 Jul 2008

try clicking on use new iplayer2 beta that does not require real player

  bjh 15:29 17 Jul 2008

It is possible that the fairly-major changes being made at the BBC iPlayer this week are to blame. Many internet radios are having problems at the moment, mainly with the "Listen again" options, but there may be other effects. If you can survive a few days, it might be worth waiting before working too hard at this, as you may spend wasted effort.

REALPlayer was needed with earlier versions, but I believe the updated system won't need it.

  Esc4p3 22:26 18 Jul 2008

As it turns out Five Demand does not play either, i.e. I cannot watch the most recent gadget show or any other show on 'catch up'. The advert before the show loads but not the show. I tried enabling all my active x stuff, but no luck. Still haven't installed real player, but Five does not seem to need it. Any further ideas?

  Esc4p3 21:12 21 Jul 2008

At one time I had the K-Lite codec pack installed on my Vista machine, but uninstalled it because it clashed with my video editing programs. So I reinstalled it and I am now able to listen to BBC radio and also to Five Demand.

Interesting, I didn't really expect it to be a codec issue........ clicking resolved (by me)


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