BBC iPlayer in France?

  Pineman100 10:55 14 Jul 2010

We're going to France for a while, where we'll have access to the internet, but no TV. I shall take my Windows 7 laptop, which has the beta version of the new BBC iPlayer installed, together with the iPlayer Desktop.

I've heard that the BBC have applied IP filtering to the iPlayer, to prevent access to it by dastardly foreigners. Will that mean that I can't use it in France to watch UK TV, or will I be OK as I already have it installed?

Also, does anyone have any other tips on getting UK TV programmes on the internet, please?

  provider 2 11:15 14 Jul 2010

might be worth a go click here

As to whether it will work in France, I don`t know ... try it and see, I suppose.

  Pineman100 11:41 14 Jul 2010

Thanks for that, provider2. I didn't know about TVCatchup. I've just registered and I'll certainly try it in France.

  Muergo 12:10 14 Jul 2010

My aunt lives in Las Arenas just outside Bilbao Spain, she gets all the BBC programmes via internet, and some via satellite, but web is more reliable.
She is on the coastal side of the mountains, near the French border.

Whereabouts in France are you going?

There are some illegal? programs which get around the restrictions, I will try to remember where I found them.

  provider 2 12:11 14 Jul 2010

Interested to hear if it does work (or not), Pineman.

  Pineman100 12:14 14 Jul 2010

We're going to the south of France, an hour or so north of Toulon, in the Var department of Provence.

  provider 2 12:14 14 Jul 2010

Oh dear ... this doen`t look too hopeful click here

  Pineman100 12:15 14 Jul 2010

I'll certainly report back!

  Pineman100 12:17 14 Jul 2010

Hmmm - as you say, not good news.

Does anyone have any suggestions for watching English language TV in France?

  provider 2 12:24 14 Jul 2010

Here`s a whole heap of alternatives just in case nobody in France at the moment comes up with a definitive answer: click here

  Pineman100 13:33 14 Jul 2010

Thanks again, provider2.

Anyone got experience in France?

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