BBC Iplayer with Firefox

  gazmix 15:05 29 Aug 2010


I currently use Firefox 3.6.8 as my browser, but have trouble with Iplayer.

When i click on this stream:-

click here

it says 'this content doesn't seem to be working, try again later', but when i use IE browser, an old version too, it seems ok!!

Doesn't the BBC like FF?


  cocteau48 15:14 29 Aug 2010

Your "click here" works fine with FF 3.6.8 on both XP and Vista systems.

  gazmix 15:16 29 Aug 2010

any ideas on what it could be? i just updated flash player etc!!

  rawprawn 15:46 29 Aug 2010

When I tried there was an announcement to he effect that there is a fault

  gazmix 15:49 29 Aug 2010

oh, ok, but when i use IE, it plays & someone says there's a fault but it then proceeds to work ok!

with FF, it just says 'this content doesn't seem to be working, try again later' across the player!

  Sea Urchin 16:13 29 Aug 2010

Both IE and FF - announcement that the programme is unavailable either due to contractual problems or a technical hitch. It just keeps repeating the message - clearly a problem on the site

  gazmix 23:36 04 Sep 2010

It still won't play on Firefox but plays ok on an old version of Internet Explorer!!

I just get this :-
'this content doesn't seem to be working, try again later'
when try to open play on latest Firefox!

Any ideas, help, appreciated!!

  Sea Urchin 23:49 04 Sep 2010

Your link has now changed to a different page - so I'm now not sure which you are trying to play.

  gazmix 06:25 05 Sep 2010

it seems like anything on iplayer, radio content in general!!

  octal 09:28 05 Sep 2010

I just tried iPlayer on Radio One and it seems to be working fine at the moment, even to local radio stations seem to be working fine. I'm running FF 3.6.8. on Ubuntu Linux.

  Sea Urchin 13:34 05 Sep 2010

Using Firefox I just tried playing ten different radio programmes on iPlayer and no problems with any of them.

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