BBC Home Page Customisation.

  TonyV 14:21 01 May 2011

One of my Home pages is, and at the bottom of the page are two tabs. One is "Explore the BBC" and the other is "Customise This Page". I have been trying to Customise the page to get rid of some of the debris that is of no interest to me, but on getting it to what I want and clicking on Save, it never saves and stays with all the detritus that I do not need. I tried to get Help from from the BBC and that really is an adventure. There appears to be no-way that you can contact them with a request for help, despite what they say. It just goes to a feedback system which on the e mail response states "Thanks for the feedback, but they cannot respond, go to the Help system!!"

I have done what they suggest in the Help section regarding control of cookies, which mine was already set at, but I cannot change the page.

I have Win7 and IE9, 64 & 32bit, it makes no difference which copy of IE9 I use.

Any one any ideas what else can/should be changed to get the system to change the page? I have already removed all cookies, ran CCleaner to get rid of any other rubbish that may be in the background, but still it continues to defy Customisation!!



  Graham. 14:59 01 May 2011

May be a clue in Most Read

  TonyV 15:07 01 May 2011


Thanks for that. They must have had problems for a while now. I tried many times last night to get the thing sorted. In the end, the only option open to me was a "Complaint". It was the only real topic that would allow a sensible question, though on the performance by the BBC so far, I will not be holding my breath whilst they deem to answer. There has been no acknowledgement thus far!!



  TonyV 19:42 08 May 2011

To close this out, I have been away for a few days and arriving home this evening there were e mails from the BBC explaining that they had deliberately stopped it functioning correctly!! They state "The customisation feature on the homepage was disabled in anticipation of much larger than usual traffic during the period of the Royal Wedding. We are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you. The feature has now been restored." The e mail was dated 05/05/2011.

It is now restored, but wouldn't you have thought that in their wisdom, a little note on their home page explaining the situation would have saved an awful lot of aggravation?



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