bband: telephone cable or rj11 cable. it matter?

  Superstylin 14:58 29 Jul 2004

hi there, quick question from an amateur.

with broadband, does it matter if you use telephone cable rather than rj11 cable between the modem and filter attached to the phone socket?

i ask because i already have a length of telephone cable running from modem to phone socket and don't want to have to replace it with rj11 cable. will a bt socket to rj11 socket adaptor suffice (the filter and modem have rj11 connections), or will it slow down my connection.

thanks for any help

  TommyRed 15:35 29 Jul 2004

My PC is upstairs and the only BT socket downstairs. When I was on dial-up I just used a mormal telephone extension cable from Argos, but when I went onto broadband this wouldnt work, so I had to buy a 10 metre broadband extension cable, probably rj11, and just plugged that into the filter at the downstairs BT socket, all worked fine. I'm sure I've read on here that normal BT cable will do but it didn't on mine. HTH TR

  TBH1 15:43 29 Jul 2004

I'm with TommyRed here - - I've been told that an ordinary phone extension cable would be OK but could only get to work with the rj11 thingies - 15metre ultra thin wire in a cartridge thingie - £8.99 from Asda of all places.

  Rigga 15:53 29 Jul 2004

Normal phone cable with a filter on both ends, where the telephones would be connected works fine for me.


  Superstylin 16:11 29 Jul 2004

thanks guys, i guess i'm just gonna have to try it and see, i'll keep my fingers crossed that it does work cos i don't wanna be forking out more money for a length of cable.

thanks again

  Superstylin 16:17 29 Jul 2004

was gonna 'resolve' that question then but still need to know, if it does work then will it slow down my connection....because if it did then i think i'd go for the rj11 anyway!

  Superstylin 16:29 29 Jul 2004

answered my question by doin a bit of research! apparently rj11 cable is upto 10 times faster than normal phone cable so now starts the trawl for cheap cable!!

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