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  tulix 23:21 26 Jan 2003

after many years of 56k dial up and earbending from my friends i have finally gone to broadband.I use bt has my provider the unit is called bt voyager usb adsl modem.Is this a new modem on the market.I have been looking at the threads about broadband and it seems that bt modem is not shall we say in the top ten .i am begining to think i have made the wrong choice.any suggestions?

  obbit 23:44 26 Jan 2003

Hi tulix.............try a test. depends on internet traffic but good fun. click here

you need to download a small program first and if you do more than 3 tests you get asked for a donation.


  obbit 23:53 26 Jan 2003

Hi again.........might perform better with pci network card. usb for printers, cameras and scanners.


  tulix 23:57 26 Jan 2003

did the scan it says running at top notch has far as i can tell.Thankyou

  obbit 14:08 27 Jan 2003

if the test results came back as top notch then u know your coonection speed is ok.

as for the modem usage will tell if it is ok. if it works and continues to work without any bovver then it is doing it's job.

hope it gives u plenty of hours without bovver



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