BB wireless router and networking

  taffhughes 19:31 31 Oct 2006

I have a BT Voyager 2100 wireless ADSL router which is working great, sharing my BB on 2 desk tops and one laptop

The question I have is it possible to utilise the BT Voyager to share files and printer over the same network

  taffhughes 19:34 31 Oct 2006


It's actualy a Voyager 2110 wireless router

  Danoh 20:18 31 Oct 2006

Yes it is.
For how, read many other threads in this forum;
type “share files printer” in the Search box and you will find threads such as these:
click here
click here

You will find many others.

  Strawballs 01:09 01 Nov 2006

If all the machines are XP then run the network wizard from control panel (not the wireless one as that is already working) on each machine and make sure the firewalls will alow your network traffic.
click here

  taffhughes 21:32 01 Nov 2006


I downloaded the trail version of networkmagic onto all three PC and it configured everything for me and all it took was about 10 minutes to complete

  Danoh 21:41 01 Nov 2006

Good to hear! Don't know Networkmagic as I tend to handcraft network configurations, but it most probably would be of use to others if you could post a link?

  taffhughes 21:42 01 Nov 2006

Here the link click here

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