B.B. What else can I do before installation date.

  Quiller. 16:47 21 Apr 2004

I have arranged for 2Mb WiFi broadband to be installed next week. I am pig sick of dial up.

I just wondered if there were any tips to get the machine tip-top and ready for the installation.

I am using windows x\p pro and have had hardly any trouble for about 12 months. Things did get a bit cluttered, so I decided to backup all important stuff and reinstall. So now I have a fresh install with sp.1.

I had been running a network through 2 X nic cards and a cross over cable. This I have upgraded to a belkin 802.11g wireless desktop network card, through a buffalo WBR-G54 air station. Signal strength is excellent, with condition 100% and bandwidth 54Mbs. Transmission and reception are at 100% and all packets sent are received.

I am awaiting a wireless notebook network card.

I was thinking of leaving in the dial-up modem, in cases of emergencies.

The buffalo has it's own firewall and I also use X\P's. I have AVG up to date with ad-aware, spybot and spywareblaster.

Can anyone think of anything else that needs to be done or would help the installation. B.B. will be unchartered territory to me so any hints would be extremely gratefully received.


  dazzling 17:18 21 Apr 2004

have you backed your nice new clean system up? you seem to have all the angles covered. dont forget to create a restore point just before installation.darren

  Djohn 17:36 21 Apr 2004

You seem to have covered everything well and a backup of your nice clean O/S would be a good idea.

I have left my dial-up modem installed but disconnected from the cable. If ever I need to use I can just plug it in. This will stop any diallers from dialling out from your system if they manage to get on in the first instance. They can't operate through B/B so your safe on that front.

Sit back and enjoy, you'll be amazed at the speed of downloads. On dial-up I used to sit and watch the Icons of AVG anti-virus slowly turn blue as the moved across the screen. Now I click on update and before my finger leaves the mouse, it's "saying download complete press OK"

  Quiller. 18:15 21 Apr 2004

Thank you dazzling and Djohn.

The short answer is no. I have not backed up the clean install. I did set a restore point when I had everything running to my satisfaction and system restore is set to max. This usually gives me the option to go back at least 3 months.

I do not use a utility to image the hard drive but do have a dvd burner. Has XP the option to image the disk to a dvd burner? or will I need 3rd party software.

Would it be worth it, taking into account the format and total re-install took about 90 mins.

  Forum Editor 18:42 21 Apr 2004

between broadband and dial-up (apart from the obvious one of a huge speed increase) are quite important. Nothing to worry about unduly, but it's best to be aware of them:

1. As Djohn has already said - there's a danger associated with leaving an active analogue modem in the machine. A rogue dialer could make use of it to dial out to premium rate numbers on the analogue line without your knowledge - and run you up the mother of all phone bills. For that reason it's best to either disconnect the phone line from the modem, or disable the modem in Windows. I would opt for the physical disconnection if I were you. In practice you are unlikely ever to use that modem again - but there's no harm in having it there, just in case.

2. You'll need to understand that downstream transfers will be far faster than upstream - not a problem unless you habitually move large files via the internet, but worth remembering.

3. Your wireless network will be fast, but don't expect it to be as fast as the figures that are printed on boxes and in advertisements - they reflect the theoretical, as opposed to the real-world performance capabilities. In practice you'll have no problems - connection sharing will rarely eat up enough of the available bandwidth to make any one machine feel the pinch.

As a general comment, it shouldn't be necessary to run system restore at its maximum setting - you're only consuming disk space, and I doubt that you'll ever want to roll back to a 90 day old restore point. I've used WinXP Pro ever since it was launched, and have only used the restore point system three times - on each occasion restoring to a three day old restore point.

  Quiller. 21:29 21 Apr 2004

Thank you F.E. for your comments. As for

No.1. I will take your's and Djohn's advice an physically disconnect the modem, via the cable. I have installed dialer control, suggested from different threads.

No.2. The system I shall be joining has just been upgraded to 2Mbps. At the 1Mbps connection rates of around 110Kbs were not unusual. I understand that uploading may only be 250Kbps. This from talking to other users on this service.

No.3. Yes I did see an interesting article, recently, think it was in the PCA magazine. This gave actual expected transfer rates on WiFi against maximum burst rates.

No.4. I shall take your advice and drop system restore from the astronomical size of 9.3 gig to around the 1.5 to 2.0 gig size.

I shall leave this open for a little longer as I have pick up a few useful tips.

Thanks to all.

  Quiller. 14:41 27 Apr 2004

Well what can I say. The engineer installed the system in less than an hour.

We gave it a quick test and I am gobsmacked. Downloaded a 2.1Mb file in 3.5 seconds.

I have done a quick test at the pit and they have come up with bandwidth down 469Kbps and bandwidith up 369Kbps.

I am now a happy bunny.

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