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  the old man 12:46 10 Apr 2005

I have been notified that I will be upgraded to 1MB with Pipex in July. At the moment I am on 512kb, unlimited for £23.44. Have just seen on their website that I can go upto 2mb with a 5GB limit per month for the same price. I have no idea how much I download each month as the kids use the computer as well and they are into their music sites as are most kids. Would welcome a bit of advice because I think the suggested upgrade with 5GB limit looks the better option.

  SANTOS7 12:49 10 Apr 2005

click here
this may help.

  Kate B 12:51 10 Apr 2005

I've just paid the small fee to Pipex to be upgraded to the uncapped 1mb service and in fact my connection is reporting nearly 2mb - other members suggest that they might throttle me back to 1mb but it's been a week and I'm still getting the extra speed.

I also went for the slower uncapped option because I play an online game ... personally I think uncapped is best simply because I don't approve of the idea of capping. It seems like post-hoc unfairness to me - the whole point of bb was that it was supposed to be always on and uncapped and I kind of resent having the goalposts moved like that. Very few people use their connections "excessively", whatever that means!

  the old man 13:31 10 Apr 2005

You say that you play one game online. Do you have any idea of much data you download/upload each month regardless of your honourable stance against download capping.

  Jak_1 13:57 10 Apr 2005

There are programs that will monitor your download/upload usage. Can not think of them at the moment but that question has been raised before so it should be in the database.

I am totally against capping, BB was originally marketed as 'always online and unlimited'. That's when I went BB and paid the extra over dialup and paid for the setup fee etc. In short I paid for the extra speed and unlimited usage which is what I wanted. I resent people saying I am greedy for taking advantage of my still unlimited BB. I paid for that from the start and still paying for that, I am not stealing anyone's bandwidth nor am I being 'greedy' I am using what I pay for. To shift goalposts, some providors are, is unreasonable to those that took the plunge before BB became popular!

It seems to be the 'Jonny comelately's' that are the one's who complain about excessive useage and also have the audacity to complain about their low capping. If you want the unlimited then you have to pay for it as I do.

the old man, good luck with your unlimited.

  Starfox 14:01 10 Apr 2005

"the whole point of bb was that it was supposed to be always on and uncapped "

Exactly,when I first got dial-up it was an uncapped service,then as broadband became more popular they started to cap dial-up to persuade you to change to the un-capped broadband service.

Now that broadband is becoming the dominant internet connection they are starting to cap it so they can charge even more for it.I see another rip-off coming our way!

  rubella 15:27 10 Apr 2005

Indeed, and to think on this very forum this ethically dubious practice is actually encouraged by some members. They make reference to it be a natural response on the part of the service provider to “the greed” of people who download day and night. Hell, isn’t that one of the reasons why you were willing to pay the extra. There needs to be much more awareness about this growing issue.

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