BB and the telephone

  SurfMonkey _#:@}™ 15:21 31 Jan 2005

I was just wondering do you actually have to have the telephone connected to the exchange to recieve BB if so it would save me a wopping £140. per year can u not just get BB and no phone all the isp for BB say you need a BT land line but it says wether u have to have it connected or not, if this was possible I could use my pay as you go mobile for call and not the phone at home just use the line for BB which would not encur any charges as I wouldn`t have to use it for the phone.

  mattyc_92 15:23 31 Jan 2005

All you need to do is "rent" the line to keep it active and pay the monthly broadband bills... You don't need a phone...

  pj123 15:24 31 Jan 2005

If you have cable (NTL) outside your home then you don't need a telephone line. But if not, then yes you do need a telephone line.

  Djohn 15:48 31 Jan 2005

Unless as pj123 says, you have access to cable then you will need to have an active phone line in your home. You will need to pay the basic line rental monthly or quarterly but you don't need to use the line to make phone calls although these will be substantialy cheaper than using a mobile phone.

One of the best things about broadband (Beside the speed increase) is the ability to stay logged on all day yet still use your phone for incoming/outgoing calls at the same time.

click here and type your phone number and or postcode into the boxes on the right to see if N T L cable is available in your area.

  SurfMonkey _#:@}™ 16:19 31 Jan 2005

ok thanks I have bb just was wandering like you do to try to get things cheap as my isp is doing the speed upgrade for free next month I dont want to change isp just wanted to see if I could cut out the middle man i.e poxy BT

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