bb speed,update modem driver ?

  iqs 21:34 09 Oct 2006

Hi All,
I have a speed touch 330 modem,and my ISP Is BT Yahoo,3mb service.

I know that depending on the time of day connection speeds/download speeds can very.When I connect a message informs me my connection speed is 3.3mb,sometimes it states 2.6mb.

The last week I have had what I consider poor download speeds,this evening for example 66-82 kb/sec.Usually I have speeds of 250-310 kb/sec.

I contacted BT via their nethelp service.The advice supplied by their tech dept resulted in the use of system restore.So I have decided with the help of the forum members to address this issue myself.

I have the following driver installed,it there an update,and will it make a difference?.
Driver date 05/09/2003
Driver version 300.7.0.2

If a update for my modem will not address my download speed,is there anything else I can try.I was thinking about signing up with Blue Yonder.A bit extreme I know...

Thank you for reading this thread,and I hope to hear from you soon.Regards,Mike

PS...When I used the nethelp speed test,I received the following result 0.559 megabits per second. : )

  skidzy 21:46 09 Oct 2006

The latest i could find Mike click here

  skidzy 21:58 09 Oct 2006

Or the R3.0.1 click here

  Stuartli 23:27 09 Oct 2006

There is a Speedtouch 330 driver update for the up to 8MB services. You can scroll down to it at:

click here

  Dipso 12:39 10 Oct 2006

Before you consider changing to cable I would consider buying a modem/router. Although the Speedtouch is labelled as compatible with up to 8 Meg services, in practice it isn't well suited, even with the appropriate drivers.

If you can, post your line stats and I'll try and figure out what your line is capable of. If you don't know how go to click here and download "Dr SpeedTouch" from the tools section.

Install the program and run "Diagnostics".

Right Click the icon in your system tray >>
Advanced >>
"Write log to disk"

Now open the log file in IE (its in .xml format so you may have to use IE to open it).
You should now be able to see your line stats amongst a lot of other information.

The stats you are looking for are:-


  iqs 13:29 10 Oct 2006

Hello skidzy and Stuartli.I have downloaded and installed the updated modem drivers,but still the same.From both links.....Thank you

Hello Dipso,I hope the following info helps?.

ReceiveAttenuation_dB= 53
ReceiveMargin_dB= 12
SendAttenuation_dB= 29

I ran the diagnostic program,it detected an error,I think.
My computer tick
Speedtouch tick
ISP tick
Internet !
Dr speedtouch was unable to reach a website via HTTP
This is typically due to a incorrect Proxy Server Configuration using a proxy sever is currently disabled.

I hope this helps.

Cheers for the help.Regards,Mike

  Dipso 14:40 10 Oct 2006

From your stats it seems you are a fair distance from the telephone exchange so an average connection speed/sync of around 3.5 should be expected.

If you find you are syncing at different speeds each time you connect, this could be confusing the BT kit. If you click here you can do a test which will tell you what profile is currently assigned to your line. The profile is the highest possible download speed you can get at this time. If the profile is in relation to the sync speed you are currently connecting at then that's fine but you could find the profile is much lower in relation and if this is the case, this will be limiting the speed you can download at. This would explain the low results you sometimes get.

If you maintain a high sync speed for a period of 3 days your profile will increase to nearer the sync speed and therefore your download speed increases.

The problem with USB modems is, if you keep connecting at different speeds you will see this yo-yo-ing of speed. As a router stays connected, this doesn't tend to happen.

The only other way would be to leave the modem connected but as this means leaving the PC switched on, it's not always possible.

  iqs 15:35 10 Oct 2006

Hi Dipso,

I have completed the test,and these are the results...

Your configured download throughput speed is 2000k

Test 1

IP Profile 2000kbps

DSL Connection 448 kbps up
1152 kbps down

Actual IP throughput achieved 905 kbps.

I hope this is of help.To be honest it means nothing to me.Are these figures goog or bad?.

If I could ask another question,if you don't mind?.You recommend a router.Can you suggest one which will be suitable for my ISP and connection,and how easy is it to install/configure and what do I uninstall before installing the router.And will I notice a inprovment?.
Sorry for asking,but this issue is driving me mad.I greatly appreciate your help.Cheers,Mike

  Dipso 16:41 10 Oct 2006

Sometimes the tester throws out dodgy in this case. The connection speed of 1152 should be higher than the profile of 2000 but basically it seems you should be able to download at 2 Meg and no more currently. That's about 250kb/sec isn't it, but that's not taking contention into account so you're likely to see less.

Any ADSL modem/router would be suitable for your ISP. They are very easy to set up. The more popular ones have lots of on-line help/guides etc.

You would probably be better deleting the dial up connection created for your Speedtouch when setting.The quick set up guides you getwith routers are usually pretty good.

I can only recommend the Netgear DG834G as that is the only one I have used. It's on offer at Amazon at present with a free wireless adapter click here you may not need wireless at present but you can just turn it off. The non-wireless version is available from the same place for about a tenner less £44.99.

If I was looking for a new one I would be going for the Belkin 7633 or one of the Speedtouches as they have tweakable features that can help problematic broadband connections but that's pretty advanced stuff.

"...will I notice a inprovment?" I would say so. I have advised folks on here to change to a router and they've all seen a marked improvement.

Worth bearing in mind though, some ISP's are offering routers bundled with their packages, you could consider changing ISP ;)

  iqs 17:04 10 Oct 2006

Hi Dipso.

Thank you for all your help.

I will take your advice and purchase a Router.If others have noticed a marked improvement,hopefully I will as well.It can't make it any worse...

I did consider signing up for BT Total Broadband,free router etc.But it means another 12 month contract.No No
My contract expires next May ,before then I will sign up with Blue Yonder.

The router will make using BT more tolerable.

I hope the router installation process is quite painless.If not, you may well be assisting me again in the not to distant future. ; )

Once again thank you for all your help and support.Take care.

Kind regards,


  iqs 20:43 10 Oct 2006

Hello,Just one more ,possibly very silly question before I close this thread.

With reference to 54mbps,108mbps to 125mbps and faster MIMO.

I will be connecting my router to my PC via the ethernet cable.When connected via the lead,will my connection/download speed be 54 to 125 mbps,or will it be what it was through the ASDL modem?.For example 200-300 mbps.I assume it will be slower when more then one computer is connected.Presently I only own one PC,so I would like to keep the higher speeds.

Many thanks.Kind regards,Mike

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