bb speeds

  nota-clue 23:45 13 Jun 2008

May be a Silly question but are theese speeds ok for 8mb connection.

Download 5230kbps
Upload 351kbps

Great forum by the way.

  GEEKSTA 23:49 13 Jun 2008

Erm.. not really.

If you are getting those speeds at of peak times such as mid night or really early in the morning, then it is a bad thing.

Them speeds may be considerable if is like peak times for people to be on the internet, such as 7pm.

  cocteau48 23:50 13 Jun 2008

As the national average was recently quoted as being around 3000kbps then I think you are doing OK.

  nota-clue 23:53 13 Jun 2008

Performed test at 23:30
Will it make any difference that perform the test on wireless network

  cocteau48 23:54 13 Jun 2008

.... and I take it you are on an "up to 8 Mb" connection?

  nota-clue 23:57 13 Jun 2008

As far as I know it 8mb.
New to all this.
Took aol/carphonewarehouse up on there offer bb with free laptop.

  Stuartli 00:00 14 Jun 2008

Is this a single speed check?

If so, you will almost certainly find the two figures involved (especially download speeds) vary quite considerably, even within a minute or so of each of a number of speed tests; you will also get different figures from a variety of online speed test websites.

Your distance from the exchange will also make a difference.

  nota-clue 00:05 14 Jun 2008

Just tested again

Download 5388kbps
Upload 350kbps

  Stuartli 00:09 14 Jun 2008

Go to click here and check out how far you are from your local exchange (right hand column).

Also do a check as to whether your ISP has LLU equipment installed in the exchange - this can also make a certain amount of difference.

  cocteau48 00:10 14 Jun 2008

...then you are definitely on "up to 8 Mb"
Unless you are sitting on top of the exchange then it is highly unlikely that you will get the full 8Mb.
Distance from the exchange (which you can check here click here) is the most crucial factor.... but the quality and type of connection between the exchange and your house and your own wiring within the house can also make a difference.
Lots of info for the newcomer on this site:
click here

  Stuartli 00:11 14 Jun 2008

Believe you me, your speeds are light years ahead of the time I used to be on dial up from the mid-1990s onwards...:-)

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