BB speed

  woodchip 18:58 07 Nov 2008

As anybody any theory's on why my Upload speed as nearly doubled on a 8meg download speed.

Download 6598 kbps

upload 608 kbps

I used to get about 369 kbps never any higher

  sunnystaines 19:02 07 Nov 2008

your ISP giving you more speed.

  woodchip 19:05 07 Nov 2008

Download is no faster its only the upload that as jumped up. What is the normal Upload speed on a 8meg connection?

  Pine Man 19:57 07 Nov 2008

Depends on your ISP mine is 1.3mbps.

  Snec 21:58 07 Nov 2008

Mine is about 347Kbps.

  woodchip 22:22 07 Nov 2008

I would like the comparison on the same connection speed as me 8Meg, if you are on a higher download, your upload should also be faster

  Snec 23:31 07 Nov 2008

I'm on 8meg.

  Pine Man 08:56 08 Nov 2008

So am I.

  compumac 09:07 08 Nov 2008

Interested in which speed testers are used as I have tried three different ones over a period of three weeks - one immediately after the other - the speeds indicated are sometimes completely different to each other.
Which is believed to be the most accurate by the members?

  woodchip 10:48 08 Nov 2008

I have used this for some time click here

  woodchip 10:50 08 Nov 2008

Is that speed download speed that you put above?

Yours is more in line with what I was getting before the increase above for me

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