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  iqs 18:00 01 Mar 2004

hello.i have bt yahoo b/b.when i try and download programs,my dowmload speed is round about 3.5-4.5.i have contacted bt and done their speed test .this is round about 56 per second.i have phoned their tech department..a waste of time.any advice.cheers iqs

  hugh-265156 18:09 01 Mar 2004

it depends.

if you are downloading from a slow server thats in the back end of beyond,then no matter how fast your connection is will not matter.

you can only download at the speed the server your downloading from gives it to you.

a simple speed test click here?

  iqs 18:22 01 Mar 2004

i have just tried to you link ,nothing happens.im not sure if this down to my connection speed ?.thanks

  Edstow 18:27 01 Mar 2004

Try the speed test here: click here

  iqs 18:42 01 Mar 2004

i have just tested my b/b speed.what do you think ?.
downstream 39kbps (4.9 kb sec)
upstream 184 kbps (23.0 kb sec)

  Boluwd 19:25 01 Mar 2004

Are you sure you had only 39kbps on Edstow's ADSL speedtest link????

My figures are
Downstream 474 Kbps (59.3 KB/sec)
Upstream 245 Kbps (30.6 KB/sec)

that's using the Alcatel Speedtouch 330 with the Virgin broadband.

  porci 19:28 01 Mar 2004

Mine are 495 down 280 up with Zen

  iqs 19:41 01 Mar 2004

second time 375 46.9
247 30.9

  iqs 21:00 01 Mar 2004

hi and thanks for your replies.i was wondering if anybody has any tips/tweaks or advice for bt yahoo b/b.reading the replies is seems that download speeds very from site to site.a short time ago i was receiving download time of 20-30-49.i guess this is normal.hope to hear from you.cheers iqs

  hugh-265156 02:20 02 Mar 2004

375kbps down and 247kbps upstream?

your download speed seems a bit slow but upstream is 250k with btyahoo so that seems about right(will vary slightly each time you test it.and most speed tests are just a rough guide and are not very accurate)

from click here|SPEED|cat,00.html

"Are the speeds, inbound and outbound, guaranteed?

No. BT Yahoo! Broadband products will offer access at up to 1Mb downstream and up to 250 kbps upstream. Speeds will vary depending on various factors including the number of other users online at the time and the overall usage across the internet. As with any other internet connection, the overall transmission speed is limited to that of the weakest link in the network 'chain' that connects you with whatever website or other resource you are connected to. The burst rates quoted may be reduced by contention at peak usage times within the BT network. The maximum burst rate upstream is line quality and distance dependent and may be significantly lower than those published.
BT Yahoo! Broadband - downstream up to 500kbps, upstream up to 250kbps.
BT Yahoo! Broadband 1Mb - downstream up to 1Mb, upstream up to 250kbps"

i like this site for simple tweaks.test click here tweaks click here (i have only used the optomizer with good results,havnt tried the patches)

faqs on the above optomizer and how to use click here

  hugh-265156 02:22 02 Mar 2004

sorry bad link above to bt click here

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