BB router probs

  maveric 19:13 27 Jun 2005

Have just got a bb router for 2 pcs. 1 win2000pro 2nd xp. Plugged in and nothing! What setting do I have to change if any. On ntl bb with modem via ethnet connections.Many thanks

  Diodorus Siculus 19:16 27 Jun 2005

What router is it?

  maveric 19:19 27 Jun 2005

Got no names on it at all??? Just says broardband router on the top!

  Djohn 19:25 27 Jun 2005

You will need to open your browser such as IE 6 and type in your modem address, then a log-in screen will appear for you to insert your username and password.

Please don't give your username and address here in the forum, but if you post back with the name of your ISP then Diodorus Siculus or one of the other forum members may be able to tell you what to type in to the address bar.

  maveric 19:29 27 Jun 2005

Thanks isp is ntl

  Diodorus Siculus 20:41 27 Jun 2005

Djohn hasmore faith in me than I have in myself... I have had a router going for a only a week and that was thanks to Taff36 :-)

  maveric 07:58 28 Jun 2005

OK. I have no info on the router, no address or anything.It was bought by my cop. man but he has gone missing?! I am left with the router and no instructions. Any help is greatfully taken!

  Diodorus Siculus 08:35 28 Jun 2005

Does it have any serial number, ID or anything?

  woodchip 09:24 28 Jun 2005

Is the Modem you got from NTL a USB Frog.

In the Settings for Ntl it should be

[email protected]

and your password

if the router is a wireless then try this in address bar if that does not get the web page up try putting before the number http:// you need to press enter after the above

  SEASHANTY 11:22 28 Jun 2005

You need a cable/dsl broadband router for use with NTL cable BB. If its an ADSL router it wont work. You will also need the MAC address of the router (A unique 12 character address). and your NTL username which is usually your email address without the bit. See robin walkers website for some info click here
I use the Linksys wired BEFSR41 wired 4 port router with switch to connect my PC's. This is a "plug-n-play" router and virtually needs little set up. Doesn't seem like much of a bargain if you have an unknown router with no instructions.

  SEASHANTY 11:30 28 Jun 2005

The MAC address you currently have registered with NTL will be the 12 character address on the back of your standalone cable modem which is connected directly to the NTL cable outlet. Your main PC ethernet outlet will be plugged into this standalone modem. If you have a modem as part of the NTL Digital box then I have no idea where the Mac address is listed.

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