BB router - no connection speed data

  jeano 00:26 06 Aug 2007

have recently installed Netgear DG834T Wireless ASDL router connected to desktop via Ethernet cable. When I first installed it I chose to have display on task bar and this displayed bandwidth stas (as per my old ASDL router). Now no stats are displayed and if I click on icon I get display

Status: connected
Duration: Not available
Speed: Not available
Sent: Not available (although values are clocking up)
Received: Not available (although values are clocking up).

I don't know if this is connected but I have also experienced a severe degradation of bb speeds which I can only verify by using various speed test sites (nb BT one too unreliable at the moment).

If I connect using my old ASDL modem (on a different computer) I can see immediately by checking the task bar icon than my bandwidth has dropped from its usual 4.5 to 5.0 Mbs to anything from 1.0 to 1.8. Why can't I see this info with the machine connected to the router?

I've (finally) got a BT engineer due for a site visit on Tues, but it would be useful if I could get this instant display of available bandwidth on router before I finally dump my old ASDL setup.

  ambra4 01:06 06 Aug 2007

If you click the support tab what information showing

What you should see is the following:

Address Type: Assigned by DHCP

IP Address 192.186.1.XXX which is the Computer IP Address

Subnet Mask

Default Gateway 192.168.X.X which is the router IP Address

Also click Detail and see what information

  Dipso 17:38 06 Aug 2007

Routers don't tend to display stats like USB modems as they don't need software/drivers to run over an ethernet connection.

If you log into the routers interface via click here username admin password admin and click on the Router Status link in the left hand panel, you should be presented with a page with two tabs. The first one is Show Statistics (or similar) this will give you your connection speed and line stats which are useful in fault diagnostics.

  jeano 12:53 07 Aug 2007

The support tab/detail does not show any connection speed values and Dipso yes the router displays the downstream and upstream stats. I was looking for a quick way of checking my available bandwidth. What I don't understand is that when I first set up the router I could see the bandwidth settings on task bar (just like ASDL modem). Thanks for help anyway.

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