BB disconnects when my dial-up disconnects

  stlucia 20:32 19 May 2007

I normally access email and the internet using broadband (AOL Silver), but I use dial-up for one account because that's a condition of it being absolutely free of charge.

The problem I have is that if I dial-up to retrieve emails using Outlook Express while my BB is running, the BB disconnects about one or two seconds after the dial-up disconnects.

Other than that, telephone calls have no adverse impact on my BB connection, so it seems to me like my BB is interpreting OE's disconnect signal as an instruction to disconnect also. How can I stop this, please?

  Daveboy 21:29 19 May 2007

thereis a tick box in the options in OE that says to disconnect after send & receive, this may be your problem.

  stlucia 21:56 19 May 2007

No, I want OE to disconnect after it's sent and received emails using dial-up.

The problem is that my broadband connection also disconnects when the dial-up disconnects. I use Firefox, not OE, as my browser on broadband -- with the AOL sign-on screen minimised after it's made the connection.

  Daveboy 22:04 19 May 2007

Humour me, try it as I am curious to see if it is the root of your problem.

  stlucia 22:18 19 May 2007

If I uncheck that tickbox my broadband doesn't disconnect after I use dial-up to send and receive emails. But neither does my OE dial-up connection, so my phone is kept connected to an 0845 number :-(

  stlucia 22:21 19 May 2007

... but my broadband connection then disconnected when I manually disconnected my dial-up.

  Daveboy 22:27 19 May 2007

So it is the cause . In OE, Try tools-accounts, find the a/c you use by dial up, dlick properties-connection tab, and select your dial up connection for that a/c, might work, no promises.

  Daveboy 22:30 19 May 2007

Just a thought here, is your dial up modem lead plugged into the telephone side of your b/band filter ? It should be.

  Diemmess 22:34 19 May 2007

Sometimes I'm a mite slow on the uptake, but what I do not understand is why complicate things with two alterntive ways of communication?

Since you are paying a flat rate for BB any emails will fit smoothly into that contract "at no extra charge."

I use Aol too and do have a dial up modem fitted, but to avoid strife on the tiny number of occasions when I must send a fax, I disconnect the BB line first. It avoids tears!

  Diemmess 22:35 19 May 2007

Should have added that the old modem remains disconnected except when a FAX is needed.

  stlucia 23:06 19 May 2007

Daveboy, my dial-up modem is plugged in to the telephone side of the filter, and BB runs fine while dial-up is dialling and when it's sending and receiving messages.

I've gone to tools-accounts in OE, and the settings for my connection shows "Always connect to this account using ...", and then on the next tab "US Robotics modem" is selected and "ISDN channel" is not selected.

Diemess, the reason I keep the dial-up account is (a) I want to keep the particular email address and, (b) they (Freenetname, now Madasafish) host my web site for free so long as I maintain my account with them. And the account is free so long as I use dial-up.

I agree, this disconnection issue is no big deal because AOL always tells me it's disconnected and gives me the opportunity to reconnect straight away, and with Firefox I don't even lose the place I was at in my browsing.

Got to go now, but I'll check in again in the morning. Thanks for your input.

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