BB connection on another phone line

  Kalb 20:37 19 Dec 2006

I am trying to establish a BB connection for a friend on their PC. There have been many problems cleaning up the PC, removing malware, updating etc which I have done over a period at my home. Now before returning the PC I would like to try and configure the BB connection to TalkTalk on my phone line which is BB activated but for BTYahoo. Is it possible to configure a PC on a phone line dedicated to another BB provider?
It would save a lot of time the other end if I can.

  Diodorus Siculus 20:44 19 Dec 2006

It not possible to do what you say but neither should it be necessary.

If the PC is all set up, you can connect it to any BB connection that you wish to.

What configuration were you thinking of?

  Kalb 20:55 19 Dec 2006

Thanks for the response DS
I am using a BTYahoo wireless router for my own PC.My intention was to disconnect that and connect up the TalkTalk MT822 modem and ethernet connection to my friends computer and then try to establish an internet connection manually. I have his username and password that is required.But will this work since it is not on his telephone line....I suppose I could try and see !!

  Stuartli 20:58 19 Dec 2006

You should be able to use the TT installation disk to install the modem drivers and configuration without being connected and then transfer the OPC to your friend's home.

Remember that the Username and Password for the BB connection is the [email protected] and the chosen password, whilst the My Account login comprises the chosen e-mail address and password.

You will have to send an e-mail from another account (perhaps yours) to activate the new TT e-mail account.

  Stuartli 21:00 19 Dec 2006

I see it's an MT822 modem - full details of installation at:

click here

  Kalb 21:33 19 Dec 2006

Thanks Stuartii
I'm steering clear of the TT CD it seems a lot of convoluted twaddle.....more trouble than its worth.
Internet explorer.....type in connected via ethernet to PC (but not to phone line)....establish connection between modem & PC...then establish WAN settings by putting in the TTUsername & Password that the modem is to use to connect to the TT server when connected to the phone line. I've done the first bit but I'm a long way from the phone connection as my PC is wireless whereas this PC connects by wire. I wondered if anyone has done this before I disconnect evrything and hump it all downstairs to try it on the phone line

  Diodorus Siculus 21:39 19 Dec 2006

It's easiest to do this with a wired connection between the modem/router and the phoneline. Best to do it that way, I think.

  p;3 21:53 19 Dec 2006

bookmarking out of curiosity as I am on BT BB and curious to know how this progesses and if you can do what you are trying to do

  Kalb 22:01 19 Dec 2006

No one has answered my original query namely has anyone connected to two BB ISP's on the same phone line or is it dedicated to one provider only ? Hence the need for a MAC, or whatever it is, if you wish to change your BB provider.

  Kalb 20:21 21 Dec 2006

For anyone interested I have tried to connect to the BB TT server from a phone line activated for BT BB and although the modem lights up in the correct way it come up with the message 'unable to find server'. Now there could be a problem at the TT server for all I know as they seem to have many problems....see the TT BB Help section at the following link click here

  Diodorus Siculus 20:25 21 Dec 2006

I answered your original query in my first respone, namely:

"It not possible to do what you say"

Anyway, seems you have ticked this as resolved I assume that you are finished with the setup.

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