BB on-board modem recommendation?

  stlucia 13:17 15 Mar 2004

Just got connected to broadband (AOL). But I've now run out of USB ports on my PC and my 4-way hub.

I'm using the supplied 'free' USB modem, and was thinking I could get back a USB port if I buy an on-board BB modem. Is this thing click here at PC World for £9.99 the kind of thing I should be looking for?

  Chegs ® 13:42 15 Mar 2004

No,you need an ADSL PCI modem(or an ADSL modem/router combo)That item at PC World is just an Network Interface Card,to connect a PC to the Router/Hub,etc.

  anon1 13:51 15 Mar 2004

What moedm did you get? check the back and see if it has a spare socket (cable connection) that looks like a telephone socket. If you have then get a network card in the pc (like the link you posted) and buy a cable. Then you will; have your usb back. If you have the cable braodband via ntl then you should have the option of either type of connection

  stlucia 14:03 15 Mar 2004

Thanks Chegs ®, I've seen one of them on the Dabs site for £21 -- still seems like it might be the best way of freeing up a USB socket (the other way being to buy another USB hub).

anon1, the modem is a BT Voyager. No spare sockets on it once I've plugged it into the telephone line and the USB socket.

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