Battlefield 3 / Monitor / Graphics Card Issues??????

  MasterMushroom 18:10 18 Jun 2013

Help / Advice required....................

Over the last couple of months my PC Monitor (BENQ 2410T) has started to sporadically go black for a couple of seconds whilst playing BF3. Its intermittent but has got worse (Thought new Graphics Card Required currently a NVIDIA GTX580)

Last week attempted to connect to a BF3 server my monitor screen went blue and displayed 'Out of Range'. Connected via HDMI

Once I got it back to the desktop the following was displayed from the Battlelog screen

  1. Shockwave Flash has crashed
  2. ESN Sonar API has crashed
  3. ESN Launch Mozilla Plugin has Crashed

Tried everything from re installing the game / drivers / different search engine IE - Chrome etc etc all with the same results.

However if I connect using DVI instead of HDMI then no problems. Solved I hear you say but the graphics are rubbish in comparison.

Any ideas whether its the monitor / graphics card or just me. Local PC Specialist no help............................

Sorry but at end of my tether with this and want ensure I'm up and running for BF4. No problems when running other games e.g Deus X

Monitor BENQ 2410T GTX580 Card i7-2600K Processor Asus Maximus IV MoBo

Thanks for reading

  Graphicool1 12:36 19 Jun 2013

If you've checked your HDMI lead and it hasn't been damaged in any way. Make sure it is in (input 1). HDMI ports are usually by default set to work in the first input of any tv or monitor.

  MasterMushroom 12:39 20 Jun 2013

Thanks for the reply re the lead. Not changed anything before it started going wrong but will swap the lead out. Will check settings also. Ta


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