Battlefield 2 lagging - how do i open ports?

  Rickyv 10:13 22 Jul 2005

when i play battlefield 2 online it lags a bit and says 'there is a problem with your connection'. the game then jumps but carries on. it does this every minute or so. in the manual for this game it says you must make sure all the UDP and TCP ports stated are open. how do i open these ports?

  gudgulf 11:01 22 Jul 2005

It could just be the server you are using.

Check your settings in your firewall to make sure that the ports you need are allowed internet access.

This from the Tweak Guide for BF2 might be useful

"Connection Settings: Battlefield 2 requires a broadband connection and cannot be played on a dialup modem. As such the options for connection speeds here are limited to 'Cable 256 KBPS or Better', or 'T1 (LAN)'. For all broadband users playing on the Internet I strongly suggest selecting the first option, as the T1 (LAN) option requires too much bandwidth to maintain steady pings - clearly it is designed for LAN play. To check your Ping in an online game, press the TAB key (default) and look at the number to the far right of your name. For more details on Pings and Lag, see the Video settings below, as well as the Server Browser section later in the guide."

and from the game Read Me


This section is very important to experiencing good internet play!

To get the best performance on your computer we recommend
you follow these guidelines:

Minimum system - Join servers that have up to 16 players

Recommended systems - Join servers that have up to 32 players

High end systems - Join servers that have up to 64 players

ISDN users - Join games with a maximum of 16 players.

ADSL/Cable users - Join games with a maximum of 32 players.

T1/LAN users - Join games with a maximum of 64 players."

Hope these help.

  Rickyv 22:37 22 Jul 2005

nah ive tried those things and its still coming up with the same message 'there is a problem with your connection' during gameplay. by the way im using a wireless network connection for the internet (broadband 1.1mbps) via netgear and belkin.

  Smiffy28 23:23 22 Jul 2005

dont know if this will help but worth a try....
click here


  Rickyv 08:41 23 Jul 2005

any other ideas? i still cant get it to work. im thinking i must have some setting somewhere wrong.

  gudgulf 10:07 23 Jul 2005

You are not alone with this problem click here

  gudgulf 10:26 23 Jul 2005

You are DEFINITELY not alone click here

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