Battlefield 2 installation problem

  Gildain 19:07 10 Sep 2006

Please can anyone explain this one to me and help me resolve it. I have a new pc with 2gb ram, nVidia7300TC 512mb graphics card and I was looking forward to playing BF2 on this. My father got the exact same PC at the same time. His sailed through the OS installation etc, mine had problem finding WinXP source files and so on. The OS problems were sorted and I tried to install BF2. On my fathers PC, excellent the game, graphics everything brilliant! I go and try to install it on my new PC and I get MD5 Errors. A different file is targetted each time and I cannot figure out what to do. I have contacted EA but I have not got any reply from them yet. The last file targetted was C:\program files\EA GAMES\Battlefield2\mods\levels\>>( here is where it varies) Sonhua_stalemate\, RETRY?
I have no idea what to try next so any help, at all, would be very much appreciated. Thanks

  gudgulf 20:20 10 Sep 2006

click here

There are two suggestions at the bottom of the thread.

1) there is a problem with your RAM memory and it is causing file corruption when transferring large files of upwards of 600MB

2) If you have a Hyperthreading pentium cpu try turning off hyperthreading in the BIOS whilst you install........although since it installrd on an identical pc ok this wouldn't seem to be an issue,even iy tou DO have Hyperthreading.

One thing for're FAR from alone click here

  gudgulf 20:21 10 Sep 2006

oh and 3} apologies for the appalling typing!!!

  Gildain 20:59 10 Sep 2006

Hi, thanks for the advice and the links. I have an AMD athlon 4200+ 64, dual core cpu. Can you explain the ram problem? Do you mean there is a physical problem with the ram? Or bad quality or something else? I have 2GB DDR400 PC3200. I am not sure if I have hyperthreading but even if I do, so would the other pc...! Computers, one minute I love them and the next minute I feel like throwing them out the window of a very tall building. Your 3rd, you should see my typing when I am tired, it barely makes sense!Well, if any other idea pops in or the ram specs give you the idea of a solution,, very much appreciated. Thanks

  gudgulf 22:20 10 Sep 2006

Only Pentium 4 cpus have you don't need to worry about that.

As for the RAM problem it suggests either faulty RAM or poorly fitted RAM.

Try a tester such as MEMTest click here and run it for a few hours to see if you get any errors showing up.

Or as the link I gave you suggsts try moving a large (600MB or more) file from one folder to another on your hard drive.Note the original size of the file and compare it to the file size after copying it to a new folder....if the size dosen't match then you have a problem. The MD5 checksum error occurs when the size of a file after download doesn't match the original file size,ie the data has been corrupted.

If this happens when transferring from one place to another on the same hard drive then the RAM is the most likely cause of that error.

Does the other pc you successfully installed on have 2GB of RAM?

  Gildain 22:47 10 Sep 2006

Hi, I will try the memtest. I think I read on a BF2 forum that this is what someone with a similar problem was adviced to do. I will also try the file moving suggestion. That would certainly show up errors if the file size changed.
The other pc is identical, in every way except for the trouble it causes!;o)Or rather does not. Actually I noticed earlier that in 'my computer' the cd-rom drive did not show up. I am only going to deal with one issue at the time but it did occur to me that potentially there could be a serious problem if I need to reformat that one and the blessed thing does not register the cd-rom drive! Anyway, ONE thing at the time

  gudgulf 23:07 10 Sep 2006

Since it's a new pc it might be a good idea to contact the supplier and mention these problems...if there is a hardware problem they should sort it out for you.

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