Battlefield 2 + expansion pack

  1887 12:12 04 Sep 2006

Hi can anyone please help me yet again.

Ive had battlefield 2 now for ages and its been playing fine. Then I go through a stage where I play Call of duty 2 more than battelfield 2 lol.

But anyway I purchased the Battlefield expansion pack yesterday and installed it perfectly.

I then went to load Battlefield 2 and it comes up with :

Mods/bf2/shaders/staticmesh.fx not found!!! _Do_Check your working directory_AND_sync your shaders folder before calling upon your local rendering programmer/GP.(really!)

I then tried to uninstall BF2 completely and it wont let me do this either any ideas what I should do before I make the final decision of wiping my PC and reinstalling XP again?

Regards for any help offered

  billypilgrim 13:29 04 Sep 2006

If the problem is with vanilla BF2, go to "Battlefield2\mods\bf2".
if the problem is with SF, go to "Battlefield2\mods\xpack".

Then you need to unpack the "" to the "Shaders" folder.

  ACOLYTE 13:34 04 Sep 2006

Your not having much luck with these games eh,lol.

Ok,what version of BF2 have you got?

Have you tried reinstalling the expansion pack again.

Also there are a number of patches out for BF2 depending what verion you here

Also have you added any conversion mods to the game these may be at fault if you have.

You could also try lowering the game settings if you can if you have an ATI card these can be buggy at high lvl's try updating you G card drivers..Also check the instalation path is correct.


  billypilgrim 13:39 04 Sep 2006

This is a known problem (famous even, that 'really!' caused a stir), and the fix I posted above is the guaranteed solution.

  ACOLYTE 13:43 04 Sep 2006

Great job billypilgrim,i was just stating obvious things,glad to see your on the ball)

  billypilgrim 15:35 04 Sep 2006

@ ACOLYTE, no problem, you are right that most BF2 problems require re-installing, checking patches etc, but luckily there is a fix for this particular prob. Now if EA would just sort out all the other probs...

  1887 18:02 04 Sep 2006

Billy Prigrim can you tell me how do I do the above mentioned mate

  billypilgrim 20:13 04 Sep 2006

Do you know how to find the zip file/folder. or are you not sure about unzipping the file?

To unzip the Shaders_client, right click it, select extract all, then drag the unzipped file into the shaders folder.

To find the files etc. Click on -
My Computer
C: (or whichever drive you installed the game to.
EA Games
BF2 (or xpack for SF etc)

Then you should be able to see things like AI, Localisation, Python etc. Look for the zip file (it has a zip on it LOL) and also the shader folder.

I'll check back later to see if it went OK.

  1887 16:41 05 Sep 2006

Hi Billy Pilgrim,

I did the above mentioned went in the shaders folder and its empty any ideas mate? Nothing needed unzipping the folder was just empty

Any further help mate?

  billypilgrim 19:01 05 Sep 2006

Hello mate, yes the shaders folder is empty, thats the point. The info that should be in there is in the Shaders_client zip file.

BUT!!! Patch 1.4 has just been released, so its time for the old download patch/uninstall game/reinstall game/apply patch routine. Hopefully this time it will go OK for you.

Its taken me 90mins to do all the above, now for some Jalalalalabad.

  1887 21:05 05 Sep 2006

Hi mate thanks for that but it wont even let me install the game now. Im beginning to cry lol

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