battery? really?

  mt15 11:06 11 Sep 2008

When running on battery my Vaio laptop (VGN-G11XN/B) started to switch itself off when knocked (gently) or moved (slightly). The power just immediately cuts. I sent it back under standard warranty, and they say (a) it's the battery and (b) because this is a consumable it's not covered (or only for 6 months, which I'm outside of).

Hardware question: Is this plausible? Or common? As things stand I've just trusted them and ordered a new battery. It never occurred to me that batteries could develop an internal loose connection.

Hardware question 2: If it is just a connection coming loose inside the battery, could someone repair it?

Moral question: should I be *!@:ed off?

  Skills 11:28 11 Sep 2008

To me it sounds more like a loose connection somewhere as normally the batteries just start to hold less charge over there lifetime and you therefore get less runtime.

I guess the loose connection could have either been on the battery or it may be on the power connection on the laptop itself.

As for the moral question a bit of a grey area really yes the battery isnt normally covered for the reason I stated above but if it is down to a loose connection somewhere along the line then to me that would be a hardware fault and I would argue my case for them to repair it under warrenty.

You state that you have already purchase a new battery so I would see what happens when this arrives. If indeed it is a loose connection which to me it sounds like you may find you still have the same issue in which case repair under warrenty and if your feeling cheeky your money back for the new battery.

To me if it was the battery just begining to hold less charge it would not just cut out you would get a battery warning in windows and/or the battery light on your laptop flashing

  mt15 11:35 11 Sep 2008

Thanks. That all makes sense. I'm hoping that Sony have had the sense to recreate the fault with the old battery and actually check it with a new one. The person I spoke to, of course, just repeated "it's the battery, it's not covered" a large number of times until I gave up.

I'd still like to know, though, whether a loose connection within the battery is possible, and if anyone has experienced it.

Things a further complicated by the fact that the Vaio G series seemed to appear for about 8 months then disappear again, so it's even quite hard to get spare batteries (though I found one).

  Eric10 11:58 11 Sep 2008

Your rights in this matter could depend a great deal on where you bought the laptop... local store, mail order, Internet, from the UK or directly from a manufacturer abroad.

Personally I would consider cutting out suddenly as a manufacturing fault rather than fair wear and tear.

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