Battery problem with Acer laptop

  andrewatwes 21:52 31 May 2009

I've got an Acer Ferrari 4005 which I've had from new and still on the original battery (about 3 yrs)but it now lasts less than an hour so thought I'd buy a new battery. I swapped the battery over but on powering up the system on mains the battery icon in the notification area says "unknown remaining" and the power meter is not registering the battery at all. When the power lead is disconnected the computer dies. I've tried everything I can think of but it just won't work so I put the old battery back and now it does exactly the same thing, "unknown remaining" etc.
If I boot up on battery only the computer gets as far as the Windows XP icon and then dies, if I boot up with mains power everything is OK except it doesn't appear to charge the battery. If I boot up on battery and go into the bios settings page it will happily stay there without a problem. It looks as if Windows doesn't recognise the battery for some reason - any help appreciated, thanks.

  woodchip 23:09 31 May 2009

sounds like charging system for battery as failed on the motherboard

  andrewatwes 08:12 09 Jun 2009

This battery problem is really proving difficult to solve and the lack of response on forums suggests that it is rare. I loaded a copy of Linux last night to run from a CD and it happily ran OK using the battery which once again points to a problem in the Windows settings somewhere, does anybody know anything about "acpi" as this appears to need resetting according to a local "expert".
Appreciate any help, because a laptop without a battery isn't a laptop anymore!

  badhair1963 09:04 09 Jun 2009

"ACPI" relates to your power management settings - click here. Check them in Control Panel to make sure everything is set up as it should be. You might just have a corrupt or missing driver.

  mooly 11:33 09 Jun 2009

Was it an original battery or an "equivalent generic type" ?
From what you are saying it sounds like a faulty or non compatable battery. Many batteries have built in electronics for power management.
The original works OK... yes... but has lost capacity.
Disconnect the battery and hold the power switch for a few seconds, then refit the original and see what happens.

  T0SH 12:04 09 Jun 2009

With the new battery fitted boot the laptop into Bios Setup (this action will eliminate any possibility of the problem being with the windows OS)leave it for at least one hour then unplug the power lead, if it does not die straight away leave it and time how long it lasts, should give you some clues on the battery charge status

While you are in the BIOS look for a diagnostic or system settings information option as this may provide some sort of battery charge re-calibration facility for battery replacement ?

The other option is to visit the Acer web site I am sure they will have a user forum where you can ask your question of other users

All modern laptop batteries have built in charge discharge and temperature monitoring management electronics which communicate charge discharge or an error status to the laptop

Cheers HC

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