Battery power for cameras

  mahalo 19:32 01 Nov 2007

My new camera takes a Np650 rechargeable battery, is it possible to use a stronger strength ?, as the battery above does not last long. Cheers

  rossgolf 19:34 01 Nov 2007

i neva use recharables in my digi cam....the charge lasts to little and rechargeables sometimes dnt work....

  Technotiger 19:34 01 Nov 2007

Almost certainly Yes, it should tell you in your instruction book.

  Technotiger 19:39 01 Nov 2007
  hssutton 19:43 01 Nov 2007

Strange. I would never ever use anything but rechargeables

  jack 19:43 01 Nov 2007

And of course always have a spare in the bag.
In an SLR that used 4 AA's I always had 4 sets in the bag.

My current camera uses a single 7.4 v Lion
I have 2 in the base grip and a third in the bag.

And don't use the camera to upload images - use a card reader.

  mahalo 19:45 01 Nov 2007

I have looked in the book and it doesn't say, and I have checked the website too, nothing there either. I tried to email Samsung and I cant get past a message saying we have answered your question....I did not get as far as asking one !. Your help would be much more appreciated.

  Technotiger 19:47 01 Nov 2007

Have a look at my link above - there are plenty of longer lasting replacements for your battery.

  bluto1 21:17 01 Nov 2007

If you use rechargeable batteries in your digital camera use Ni-MH as opposed to Ni-CD. MH lasts much longer, and as others before me said always carry spares.
Also get yourself a good charger, but make sure any Ni-CD batteries you have are fully discharged before charging them.

  wee eddie 13:16 02 Nov 2007

"is it possible to use a stronger strength ?,"

Batteries of a particular Voltage are made in standard sizes so that they cannot be confused. Put the wrong voltage battery in your Equipment and you could destroy some of it's more sensitive parts.

Your solution is to get more of the same Voltage and shape so that you can replace them when you run out of power.

It might be useful for you to consider why your batteries are running out faster than you expected. Perhaps a change in your operating methods could extend the life of your current batteries.

  Diemmess 13:42 02 Nov 2007

This site has a list of NP60 compatibles and a choice of suitable chargers for Lithium Ion batteries. click here

They are all 3.7volt batteries, but the higher the "rating" in M illi A mpere H ours, the longer the charge will last.

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