Battery life for cordless mouse?

  1936 20:49 02 Mar 2008

I have a Logitech cordless key board and cordless mouse. The key board batteries appear to go on for ever but the mouse batteries seem to only last for a few days.
I am using re-chargable batteries for the cordless mouse and its possible that I may have cooked them or over charged them if that is possible of course.
Does anyone know what batteries I should be using and if it is allright to use re-chargable ones.

  woodchip 20:58 02 Mar 2008

No that's about right. I use rechargable's and have two spare by my comp for when

  DieSse 21:12 02 Mar 2008

I have a Logitech cordless set (EX110) too. The keyboard ones do last longer, but my mouse ones last 2-3 weeks.

I use 2300mAh rechargeables (two sets - one in the mouse - the others as spares). Works fine for me.

Secret is to use NiMH rechargeables, and get a good recharger with some intelligence built-in to control the recharge time.

  woodchip 21:14 02 Mar 2008

Also depends how much you use the mouse

  PSF 22:13 02 Mar 2008

My son uses normal Duracell batteries. They last about 6 months on a Microsoft cordless mouse.
He uses it about 6-8 hours a day!
Looks like the Duracell bunny works better in this case :-)

  1936 23:26 02 Mar 2008

What you all say makes sense. I use my computer every day from between three to eight hours. I actually have Duracell batteries in the Keyboard which seem to go on for ever. However, as the Rechargeable Batteries in the Mouse give up at the most inconvenient times I actually bought a corded mouse to use a s a stand by. I think that I will buy some Duracell Batteries for the Mouse as well because at least I can keep a spare set where as there is little point in charging a spare set of rechargeable as they will lose power faster than the Duracell's.

  Woolwell 23:37 02 Mar 2008

Had a Logitech cordless mouse that seemed to eat batteries. Went and bought a corded mouse and is cheaper than buying batteries/rechargers, etc and hasn't made any difference to the way I use the computer. I'm not sure that I see the point of a cordless mouse any more. Still use a cordless keyboard though.

  woodchip 23:52 02 Mar 2008

You could use one like I have, a sigma Laptop Wireless Optical Mouse that you can also connect with supplied USB lead to charge battery's up as you use it. Got mine from Makro Warehouse £9.99 plus vat

  crosstrainer 06:50 03 Mar 2008

I have had an untold number of different cordless mice, and as you say, the keyboard batteries last forever, but the rodent dies quickly. I have gone back to a traditional MS keyboard and mouse...No batteries :)

  bruno 08:04 03 Mar 2008

I have a Microsoft optical mouse and my Panasonic batteries first set lasted 6 months and the second set are past that now. Generally rechargeable batteries are 1.2 volts against 1.5 volts are non-rechargeable. Perhaps why you are getting shorter times.

  tullie 08:28 03 Mar 2008

Your right,theres no point in a cordless mouse.

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