Battery Life of Cordless Equipment

  Eveready Bunny 15:26 01 Mar 2004

I was considering purchasing a cordless keyboard and mouse. the mouse mainly so the wires dont get stuck when playing online games. But i was just wondering how long they last. I use my pc for about 3-6 hours a day. I would like to have an optical mouse. Also how far and how direct does the wireless connection have to be? Any help would be much appreciated

  Diodorus Siculus 15:42 01 Mar 2004

Depends on the mouse you get. Some have a rechargable battery and you put the mouse into a cradle when you are not using the PC wherein it recharges.

Don't know about the procdure for the keyboard.

Most work on radio waves so there is no need for a direct line between the peripheral and the receiver. As for distance, I would have thought that upto 3 or 4 metres should be a minumum.

An optical mouse is certainly worth getting.

  byfordr 15:52 01 Mar 2004

I've got a MX700 mouse an keyboard package (About £75)and the keyboard is still going (got it in August) the mouse needs charging up about once a week. Just a case of putting it back on its charger. As for range, you can use it at maximum reading distance for the screen, so no problems there.



  spuds 19:37 01 Mar 2004

I use a Packard Bell wireless mouse,and would highly recommend it. I find the 'pick-up' distance is very good,and having conducted a trial and joke test, I find the range can be as much as twelve feet away. Use rechargable batteries, and always keep a spare charged up set available, because when the battery power gets low,things can suddenly stop or get problematic.Battery power would depend on your usage.

  dotterel 20:25 01 Mar 2004

I use a Logitech cordless keyboard and mouse (non optical). Used 4-5 hours a day, batteries last over six months. Optical mice gobble batteries, so get one with a cradle recharger. Range - over 12 feet! Cordless is wonderful!

  Rennaissance 20:31 01 Mar 2004

i use a normal chicony wireless keyboard and optical wireless mouse from watford electronis for about £20. They Keyboard has worked for half a year now, with no changing of batterys. But the mouse on the other hand is a battery eater. Luckily i got a new one today from ebuyer, a chich mouse wireless and rechargeable and optical too. It recharges in a cradle and it is excellent. Takes some time to get used to. This was about £16.00.

  keenan 20:39 01 Mar 2004

I use a Logitech Cordless Optical mouse with 2100 nimh, AA rechargeables ( uses 2) which last on average 3-4 weeks on one charge.

As they normally sold in packs of 4, then theres always 2 fully charged at hand.

  woodchip 20:45 01 Mar 2004

Before you buy the mouse with the Battery's in feels like a brick in your hand. I now use a Optic mouse with wire PS/2 it's a Harry Potter cost about £2.50 and it's the best mouse I have ever had I bought a Microsoft Inteli eye some years back what a load of rubbish and it cost in the region of £37 it now redundant as it stoped working after about 18 months

  Djohn 20:56 01 Mar 2004

I've got an A4 Tech cordless optical mouse and it gets a hammered every day, right/left clicking and scrolling with the wheel for 10-12 hours.

I think they are excellent, very accurate and even with the amount of use I put it through the batteries last for about a 8-10 days, then just plug it into a USB cable and carry on using it as a corded mouse while it recharges. [Approx. 2 hours]. No problems with interference or distance.

The lack of a cord being on the end will will make you wish you'd changed years ago. ;o)

  kinger 21:14 01 Mar 2004

Tesco have just introduced a new battery that is slightly more expensive than ordinary alkaline batteries and claim that it lasts much, much longer.

I've just installed them into my equipment but, as they last so long, I can't tell you exactly how long, as they're still going strong.

Recharging batts all the time is a nuisance and long lasting dry cell is the answser.

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