Battery Life

  Mary_S 16:27 28 May 2009

Dear All,

Today I swithced on my laptop after 3-4 weeks of no use, but it woud not switch on. I plugged in the ac then it did swith on. On desktop i chekced my battery life and it was a 0%. Last time I used my laptop it was fully charged when I shut down.
Theres something wrong right? If I have 100% battery life , then i should have 100% battery life if i havnt used it for a few weeks right?


  Pineman100 16:34 28 May 2009

How old is the machine?

As batteries age, they tend to lose their ability to store a charge for a long time. This can be exacerbated if you always keep the battery in the laptop while it's running on mains. Then it's not being regularly fully discharged and then charged right up again, which is what's best for batteries.

  johndrew 16:37 28 May 2009

Batteries will lose their charge slowly over time and the older the battery the less charge it is likely to take in the first instance.

After `3-4 weeks` standing idle an older battery may well show 0% charge, but provided it takes a charge when plugged into the charger and holds it for a reasonable time (say 7 to 10 days) most would consider the battery usable.

If you are unhappy with this a new battery may be the answer, but it may well prove an unnecessary expense.

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  Mary_S 16:41 28 May 2009

Hey guys,
Its only 5 months old. During January - Feb I was using it for 6 hours a day, with the battery and ac connected.
I remeber last time I was using it, it would be 100% on shut down and after a couple of days ity would be 70-80% on load up.

  Kevscar1 16:59 28 May 2009

If you have the batterry in whilst running from mains then you will damage the battery. That,s what my wife did with her first laptop. The manual on the new one specifically state not to do this.

  Mary_S 17:03 28 May 2009

Argghh, I wasnt aware of that. So what you guys think? Those 2 months when i was using my laptop with ac and battery in had daamaged my battery life?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:12 28 May 2009

Run on battery only until the battery drops so low the machine threatens to go into hibernation at that point shut down and plug in mains cord to charge battery, do not use the machine just charge the battery (overnight is best).

Do this three or four times to restore a reasonable life back into the batteries.

After that if running on mains remove battery BUT refit battery at least once a week to keep topped up.

Never leave battery for long periods with no use.

  tullie 17:20 28 May 2009

I never remove my battery and have used the laptop for three years with no adverse affect to the battery.

  AL47 17:26 28 May 2009

my laptops battery is pretty much useless, lasts 40 mins
will get a new one when i can be bothered

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