Battery dead when only 50%

  eutrucker 12:56 09 Oct 2004

My laptop tosh satelite 1800 suddenly cuts out at 50% remaining whether in full mode or sitting idle. i dont believe it is the battery. but is it possible that some kind software prob that is shutting it into hibernation sooner than it should.the last time i sat and watched the battery meter and did not touch anything lasted about an hour then suddenly hit 65% and went straight to hibernation again.

  Egg McKane 13:17 09 Oct 2004

Have you checked your power settings?

Start>Control panel>Power options

If not look there & change the settings for the critical battery alarms & hibernation setup

  eutrucker 13:22 09 Oct 2004

yes done all that, which is why dont understand the dramatic drop

  eutrucker 13:26 09 Oct 2004

one is windows and other is toshiba,seems toshiba one overides windows one

  Egg McKane 13:45 09 Oct 2004

Ok, if you have the settings to what you want & yet it still keeps happening then i would look on toshibas website & see if there is any mention of this problem, if it is a known problem then they might have a download to combat it. Other than that all i can think of is a complete virus scan & system cleanup & see how that goes.

  apollogeemark 20:30 09 Oct 2004

Could i ask. My batt says 100% but after 5 mins it just slowly goes down to 0%.

Is there away to test the battery.

  BarryKeith 20:43 09 Oct 2004

Sounds like you may need either a new battery or the charger may be faulty (insufficient voltage to charge battery).

  apollogeemark 20:59 09 Oct 2004

The laptop works ok if i use the charger so thats working ok.
The batt level says full charge at the start etc.

  Graham ® 21:15 09 Oct 2004

I have lost the link (lost the plot, some will say), but basically this is a problem with certain batteries which have 'memory'. What this means is that the battery will get used to seeing, for example, 50% as being discharged if it is constantly recharged from that state.

The only solution, apart from a new battery, would be to take your battery to be reconditioned.

If you do a google search, which I can't at the moment, for 'battery memory' you may find an explanation.

  BarryKeith 21:15 09 Oct 2004

It seems that the battery may have lost its capacity, possibly due to being put on charge every night whether it was discharged or not. This is a known problem with NiCad batteries, theyhave a "memory" and if kept fully charged and only partially discharged they will "forget" the remaining charge that they contain. So it could be a new battery is required.

  eutrucker 21:28 09 Oct 2004

i think the problem with mine is , that i have windows power meter and toshiba running on the same system, if i click on the windows one it says close and use the tosh one , BUT! when the alarm goes off it is the windows one , so maybe i think the problem lies there

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