Battery charging in the US

  InCog 19:54 29 Mar 2004

I have a lithium-ion battery for my digital camera. Apart from needing an adapter, will I get a full charge using my charger with the US 110 volts? Or will it be a reduced charge because of the lower voltage or will it just take longer to get there? Any ideas, please?

  lixdexik 19:59 29 Mar 2004

and had no problem charging the lithium-ion battery for my camcorder. just use a power adaptor plug thing and off you go.

Cheers Lixdexik

  Graham ® 20:00 29 Mar 2004

It depends on the charger. You need to read the user guide. In general, it should work fine, just take a little to charge.

  Graham ® 20:01 29 Mar 2004

insert 'longer' where appropriate! :-)

  hssutton 20:02 29 Mar 2004

Check the voltage rating on your charger if it's 120-240v (which most are these days) then you will have no problem, just make sure you have the correct adaptor.

  InCog 20:13 29 Mar 2004

All sounds positive. Thanks

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