Battery charger

  jack 12:13 18 Apr 2007

Has anyone had a charger go faulty?
If so what were the symptoms?
I have a 4 cell capacity Nimh charger called
When started with the cells aboard the red LED shows and on completion a green LED shows.
When you want to continue- unplugging it resets it with and audible 'click' plug it in of off you go with the next set.
Recently the Red to Green change has not been happening- it stayed in the red for 24 hours or more
I concluded at first the batteries had, had it, and purchased a new set-
But not so, the charger is still in the red.
So is it bust?
The batteries get warm and have a charge so something is going in I guess.

  Diemmess 12:37 18 Apr 2007

As I understand it, the simplest are switched off by time. The better ones are sensitive to voltage when it reaches the full charge state.
Either way it seems the control method has failed.

click here
Bought this one very recently and it really seems to be sensitive to the battery state.

Even better to me, it will charge single batteries individually, no more need to charge in pairs.

  jack 13:18 18 Apr 2007

Thank Dm- Shall look and order this very day
This has to take 'D' cells- for herselfs DAB radio,

  Diemmess 13:25 18 Apr 2007

Didn't realise it was a "D" cell problem but click here and there are other suppliers of course.

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