Is this battery acting normally?

  six-h 14:30 07 Aug 2009

New to battery operation, I've bought one for my old Lappy.
Since the machine is worth less than the cost of one from the UK. I've had to go the ebay route:-(
First one was duff, but they have sent me another and I want to assure myself it is acting properly before accepting.
On arrival it registered 25% charge, I allowed it to charge whilst I was working on AC:
after 3hrs it was 43%
after another 2hrs,54%
10 minutes later 100% !!
First run on battery power browsing the net with my Linksys wireless PCIMA card:
84% after 30min
71% after 60min
54% after 90min
Critical alarm after further 10min at 1% Had to insert AC quick!
Second charge :
1% to 30% in 4hrs 45min
42% after 2hrs
48% after 1hr
100% after further 8mins!!
I believe I must deep cycle this new batt about 5 times to gain best performance from it, but does the current pattern sound normal?
If it's a good'un, I'll follow woodchip's advice for storage @ 40% wrapped in newspaper and a plastic bag in the fridge since I won't be needing it often.

  PalaeoBill 15:36 07 Aug 2009

Battery remaining indicators are notoriously naff. My last two Dell Inspirons both showed 90% for a good two and a half hours and then rapidly degraded from 60% to 30% to critical warning in the last half hour.

Personally I wouldn't charge a new battery the first half dozen times with the laptop running unless you can guarantee that the power supply can generate enough juice to both run the laptop and charge the battery at the full and constant rate.

  six-h 15:50 07 Aug 2009

Thanks PalaeoBill,
I'll charge in future with the machine off.
I was just concerned that the last 10 mins or so of chg/dischg might indicate something was amiss!
I was plesantly surprised that I got 90mins plus wireless browsing from the first use, or should I be more critical?

  laurie53 07:05 08 Aug 2009

For the first two or three cycles I would allow the battery to discharge completely, right down to hibernation.

Full capacity will then build over the next couple of cycles.

  PalaeoBill 12:08 08 Aug 2009

Time will tell six-h, but 90 mins with wireless is looking good. I doubt a battery with problems would manage that. Also its good advice from laurie53, the full charge to full discharge cycles really do work in conditioning a battery.

  six-h 17:43 08 Aug 2009

Thanks guys, I'm perhaps a bit over anxious given that the first one was totally unuseable.
PalaeoBill's advice to charge whilst the laptop is off came whilst it was again charging in the background. Went from 1% to 48% in 7hrs 45mins, and a further 8 mins saw it to 100%!
I see what you mean, about meter reliability!
I didn't use it after that for 14hrs, and booting from battery it registered only 51%,..has it really lost 49% in that time?
Ran it again with WiFi for 1hr 15min till critical alarm (set @ 10%).
It's now powered off and on a dedicated charge, I'll keep an eye on subsequent performance to see if doing this improves things,but would be pleased to hear your opinions.

  woodchip 17:52 08 Aug 2009

Yes it's better to charge the battery with the Laptop Powered OFF. If you use a Mobile Phone and charge it in a car, you will also find it works about the same way. If charged in the Car, it charges Faster but runs down faster, If you can use the proper Charger. Laptop will also charge faster if Laptop Is running but does not seem to do the battery any good. Just my experience of these things

  six-h 18:15 08 Aug 2009

Thanks woodchip, that's what I'm looking for,..OP's experience since I've none whatsoever, and a bit worried if it's OK!
Your storage instructions duly noted, and if this is a "good" battery, that's how I'll look after it.
I don't suppose they are too expensive, if you need one, for work say and the lappy is a whiz bang modern one, but I'm afraid that for my sporadic mobile use on this old lappy I can't countenance paying £96 for a battery with a pedigree! :o)

  six-h 18:52 08 Aug 2009

I set it to charge at 17:00, noticed the charge light now constant ie. fully charged at 18:45
Can this be right!?

  woodchip 20:43 08 Aug 2009

as you have charged it several times it may charge faster, try running it on battery to see how it goes, what CPU in the Laptop? is it a Desktop CPU i.e Celeron. If its a Desktop CPU they do nt run as long as a Mobil CPU like my HP as a Single Core Centrino Pentium M 2.13Ghz but only a small lite weight battery, so it only runs for a short time on the battery on the other hand the Medion Laptop that as a Celeron 2.2Ghz Desktop CPU runs longer but as a Lot Bigger more expansive battery, First time I check battery prices for that was about £160 now about same as yours £90 But the Medion also ran very Hot, so I had to use a cooler or a metal tray to have in my Lap

  six-h 21:57 08 Aug 2009

Sorry I wasn't able to respond immediately, connection playing up as well!
Man after my own heart, lol
I also sit here when on my lappy with it on a tray, other wise it cooks yer meat and two veg!
You're right, it's a celeron 2Ghz desktop cpu, so the power supply is 90watt.
I'll power it up and see what % charge how long it'll run for and report back.
Sorry to be paranoid, but my confidence in the battery quality has been a bit shaken, don't want to accept it if its not going to last long!
I'll only use it a couple of weeks in the year.

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