timothy44 16:03 17 Jan 2003
  timothy44 16:03 17 Jan 2003

I want to buy some new batteries for my digital camera. I already have 4x 1500 rechargeables but want to buy either 1700 ones or even the new 2000 rechargeables. I have a charger that came with my 1500's and my question is will I need a new charger or does the one I have charge any power of battery?

  Diemmess 16:15 17 Jan 2003

You have a different way of specifying the batteries than I understand. I assume the figures are milliampere-hours.

Are they physically the "AA" size?...... The usual choice is berween nickel/cadmium and more recently the Nickel/metal/hydride.
The NiMh do indeed have larger capacity and supposedly don't suffer from the "memory" of Nicads.

Yes it would be wise to buy a specific charger for these. Check with the supplier for suitability

  Gongoozler 16:21 17 Jan 2003

timothy44, check in the camera manual to find what kind of batteries it uses. Some cameras are very fussy, so if yours says only use NiCAD, then you must use those. If it says you can use NiMH, then those are much better. For a good price on NiMH and chargers have a look at 7dayshop, they have some unbeatable prices on 2000mAh AA cells. click here

  siouxah1 16:30 17 Jan 2003

As an alternative to buying new.

As long as you can control the time on charge.

Check the output in mA. Say for instance that it is 300mA - then you can calculate a time to charge other batteries. But make sure you have like for like Nicads or NiMh.

The calculation is Battery capacity in mA times 1.4 divided by the charger output.

So for 4AA NiMh of 2000mA with a charger that outputs 300mA the calc would be

2000x1.4/300 = 9.3 hours.

However as Diemmess says - a new one is better in that it will suit the higher capacity battery more in that the charge time is less.

(Don't know how true it is - but it is reputed to be better for NiMh to be charged quickly. Perhaps someone would like to comment on this point.)

Regards Brian

  Gongoozler 16:40 17 Jan 2003

There are some interesting facts about charging NiCAD and NiMH on this site:

click here

  hssutton 16:57 17 Jan 2003

Brian from my 18 months experience of using these 1800+ mha AAs Ni-MH a fast charger does seem to be benificial. the charger I use is the Ansmann traveller, this charges my AAs in approx 1.5 hours. I am still using the same four original sets. To answer the original question, when I bought ths charger 1800 mha was the maximum available. I do have acouple of sets (4 per set) that are rated at 2000mha and these also charge without any problem in my original charger and only take about 20 minutes longer to reach full charge.


  Gongoozler 17:02 17 Jan 2003

Further to my first posting, 7dayshop are offering the Uniross fast charger together with 4 2000mAh AA cells for £17.99. That is about half what Dixons are currently selling it for.
click here

  siouxah1 18:52 17 Jan 2003

to hssutton in particular and Timothy44.

hssutton I have been looking for the type of charger you use for ages. Thanks.

To Timothy- If you can possibly bring yourself to pay out the £45 or so for the Ansmann mentioned by hssutton you will save yourself a lot of problems and cash in the long run. Expensive in the short term but cheaper in the long run. Comes up on a Google search.

Regards Brian

  timothy44 18:55 17 Jan 2003

sorry everyone yes I'm talking about NiMH batteries. My charger charges for 15 hours then cuts off, if I then switch it on again to charge the 2000 will it cut off when they are fully charged or will i have to switch it off manually after say 3 hours and if i don't will it adversly affect the batteries?

  siouxah1 19:19 17 Jan 2003


What is the output of your charger?

Look on the back it should give this in mA.We will then give you the extra time required.


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