Batten down the hatches

  Graham. 23:10 31 Oct 2009

Storms on the way click here

  Strawballs 23:16 31 Oct 2009

I don't see anything on there and this would have been better in speakers corner

  rdave13 23:39 31 Oct 2009

Nothing new then.

  mooly 07:36 01 Nov 2009

Because it's south of the M4 it's a major news item.

As I type this Mumbles Head is currently the windiest gusting to 44mph. Big deal. When it's gusting 80 plus North of Watford it never gets a mention.
When the national TV weather mention in advance about weather warnings etc you can bet it's because it's the south that's affected.

Sorry but it's true :)

click here

  spuds 08:02 01 Nov 2009

North and South divide- No never ;o)

  Forum Editor 09:14 01 Nov 2009

Actually, the BBC weather bulletins spend more time talking about the North of the country than about the south. They do this because they overreacted to complaints from people who had the time to sit with a stopwatch, working out the amount of attention that was given to the North.

The North East and North West of the country have seen declining populations over the past six or seven years, whilst populations in London and the South East have increased. I suppose there's an argument for saying that you may hear more about weather in those regions because more people are affected by it.

  Ford Prefect 01 09:35 01 Nov 2009

I am afraid to say it but by my reckoning Mubles Head is south of Watford.

Check out the latitude and longitude.

Mumbles Head is 51 degrees 34 North, Watford is 51 degrees 40 North.

Not much in it granted but point made I think.

  Procrastinus 09:39 01 Nov 2009

Just run through the pages in sequence.....

click here

  mooly 11:49 01 Nov 2009

Have to disagree there,
How often do hear East Kent, West Kent etc, then it's the "rest of" with a vague wave of the hand "in westen areas" etc

Also the hugely distorted BBC map... with it's strange projection (or not strange... again it's biased to the south) has the south coast to London covering half the screen. As the map scrolls round that same scale equates to Manchester to Shetland.

A generation of kids have grown up thinking Britain really is that "shape"

Mumbles head was gusting to 74mph a short while ago, London Heathrow 18 to 21.

  woodchip 14:45 01 Nov 2009

I just Heard FE whisper, GET A LIFE

  rawprawn 14:58 01 Nov 2009

It doesn't seem to have a great deal to do with the workings of my computer no matter how far north the Mumbles are, or what speed the wind is blowing over Haworth moor.

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