Batch change MS Word styles

  Churston 06:22 19 Sep 2005

I have the best part of 1000 documents written in html, and wonder if there is a batch programme that will batch change the style ( as in MS Word Styles)
I am using Windows XP and MS Word 2002
Any ideas?

  Taff36 06:40 19 Sep 2005

Were these documents created in Word using one of it`s templates? e.g. on another computer or version of word. If so the easiest way is to get a copy of that template and transfer it to replace the newer one.

I`ve only ever had this problem, with about 250 files when I changed from Word 4 (I think!) to Office 97 and I changed every one as I had to use it again. It should be much easier now and I found this click here Scroll down to "Where do styles come from" - it gave me a few ideas but whether it works with HTML templates I don`t know.

  Churston 06:43 19 Sep 2005

Thanks Taff for such quick reply
I'll give that at go

  Taff36 07:01 19 Sep 2005

Answer my questions and I`ll give it some thought on the way to work!

  Churston 07:31 19 Sep 2005

Taff36 All these files were created on the same computer in Word 2002 in .doc format. They were then batch converted to .html. The reason that I want to change the style is because each of these documents are available on the web, and they will be easier to read if the margins are changed to create a slim column in the middle of the page.

  Taff36 14:36 19 Sep 2005

Can you let me have a link to one of them on the web? (If it`s a private site you may want to send me a personal message using the envelope)

I don`t think this relates to styles, more to formatting which is totally different I think. How did you batch convert them to HTML from Word? Do you have the original word documents?

  Churston 14:47 19 Sep 2005

The most successful batch conversion that I achieved was using Document Converter at click here
I do have the original word documents.
I will send you the website address by private mail.
It will eventually become public, but only when I have tidied it up.
Thanks for your help.

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