Basic questions re. wireless setup

  t1g100no 12:10 09 Aug 2006

Hi all.

I have a cable modem providing internet access to my PC and a wireless network setup between a Linksys WRTG54S router and a laptop. However, I am new to networking and I am struggling to understand the setup.

Currently it is setup with an ethernet cable between modem and router, an ethernet cable between router and PC and a wireless network between router/PC/laptop.

I do not need computers to talk to each other, just to share the internet connection.

Why do I need the wireless card in my PC? Can't it be setup as a wired ethernet connection between PC and router and then wireless between router and laptop? Both PC and laptop just using router as access point to internet.

As I said I am new to this so I would be grateful if any posted answers be treated as idiot proof! :-)


  dms05 12:44 09 Aug 2006

If your Router is infact a Wireless Router then your laptop should be connecting to the Routers Wifi and not the Desktop wireless card. Are you sure your laptop isn't connecting to the wireless router (if that's what it is?

Theirs no point in setting up Internet sharing on your Desktop and your laptop accessing the Internet that way. It can go direct.

I think we need to know a lot more about exactly how your set up is configured.

  mgmcc 14:23 09 Aug 2006

The desktop PC and the laptop both connect to the router and this can be either wirelessly or by ethernet cable. There should be no additional connection directly between the two computers.

You can also share Folders and/or Printers with the computers networked via the router.

  ade.h 15:03 09 Aug 2006

If you are trying to employ ICS and have the desktop function as a host for your laptop in addition to being a client of the router, you'll likely end up with Windows bridging your dekstop's network adapters. If you're new to networking, that is not a road that you want to be going down.

click here for some background info if that helps you.

  nique 20:07 09 Aug 2006

i just bought a linsky router i have tried to set it up but it want reganize the router on my home pc. i am trying to connect my laptop and my home computer to the router but when i do that the home computer doesnt let me register the router to set it up and when i use the cd and follow the instructions that came with the router at the end it says it cant find an internet connection i am new to networking and i have been trying this for a while and nothing works

please help me this

  Strawballs 20:11 09 Aug 2006

nique Please do not hijack another thread start one of your own otherwise it just gets confusing as to who we are trying to help

  t1g100no 00:04 10 Aug 2006

Okay thanks guys.

I think what ade.h suggested might be what's happening.

So I think you're saying that it's an unnecessary mess at the moment but if I connect the router to PC via wire and then router to laptop wirelessly won't they will be different networks and unable to share files etc ?

  Strawballs 01:07 10 Aug 2006

No I have one PC connected to router by wire (as it is right next to the router) and a PC upstairs and Laptop anywhere wirelessly all connected to the same network all shareing files and printer.

  ade.h 13:53 10 Aug 2006

Think of any network as a mix of a host and clients. In a router-based network, the router is the host and all PCs have to be clients, which means that they must connect to the router and not to each other. Any traffic that passes from client to client goes through the host. In an ad-hod (peer to peer) network, one PC (the one that connects to the internet) must act as the host and the other PC is a client. This uses ICS, but it is not a particularly ideal choice unless you only wish to share files.

  ade.h 14:01 10 Aug 2006

click here for a quick scrappy little diagram that I just knocked together!

  t1g100no 15:08 10 Aug 2006

That's great. I think I'm starting to understand.
Heaven knows how I managed to get it working like it is!
I will tear it down and give it a go again the proper way. I'll let you know if I run into any trouble.
Thanks again guys.

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