Basic principle - FAT 32 and NTFS

  Diemmess 17:59 27 Mar 2008

Files saved to a FAT32 HD can be copied to a NTFS formated HD - ?

I'm pretty sure this is so, but a grandson nearing the end of his second year at university is plotting with my help to revamp his computer during the summer break.

Clean sweep OS from 2K to XP is the order of play.

I want to start by saving his music and similar non-curicular items from the present FAT32 system to an NTSF external drive, and later put them back for him, on the revamped drives which will then all be NTFS.

  DieSse 18:00 27 Mar 2008

Files are files - and can be copied from any filesystem to any other filesystem.

  DieSse 18:02 27 Mar 2008

Apart from any file size limits, I should also have said. FAT32 to NTFS and back again will have no issues with file sizes.

  Diemmess 18:14 27 Mar 2008

Thanks DieSse.

'tis what I thought. I've dipped in my pocket to double the RAM up to 1Gb for XP and desisted from any wild ideas to meddle until the May exams are out of the way.

He told me that the latest versions of some of his essential software are likely to be incompatible with 2K.
I suspect that could be interpreted as "no longer prepared to support 2K" but he is bright and thank goodness, cheerful with it.

Mech.Eng. is his line and he tells me that quite a proportion of his year have dropped out. What a waste!
I had a spot of bother(fortunately a warranty job) on my "wheels" - Dual Mass flywheel failure dragging the clutch with it!
I asked him to give me a simple drawing of one... "Oh we do flywheels next year!"

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